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Sri Ram Paradesi Swami



Sri Ram Paradesi Svami Siddha is a merciful incarnation of the Universal Lord in whom the universal teacher (Dakshina Moorthi) attributes reign supreme. Sri Ram Paradesi Svami, being a part of parcel of the Universal Lord, is beginningless and endless.

He manifests his physical form at will for the sake of uplifting souls in all parts of the universe. In our own world, we can be in the presence of this divine master at his tomb shrine located near the Villianur railway station in Pondicherry.

There's a large Siva temple near this shrine. Guru Mangala Gandharva Venkataraman says that in the eighteenth century, this great Siddha manifested his physical form for a while and personally blessed those who were fortunate enough to be in his divine presence.This great teacher was very fond of the divine name Ram.

His very presence would heal the sick, offer peace to the troubled and bestow spiritual knowledge on the seekers. He did not speak much, but when he spoke, all he would say was the divine mantra, "Ram". Hence the townfolk referred to him as Ram Paradesi Swami.



This siddhar was lived during 1800. His name, birth place and parents are not known and he did not say about that. He reached to Villianur and stayed there. As he spoked Telugu, people of villianur believed that he may from Andra Pradesh.

As he always hummed "Sri Ram", he also was called as Sri Rama Paradesikal. He saved lot of deaths particularly by snake bites. One day he informed to the people of Villianur that a heavy rain will destroy the whole village in during a summer and go for safe place.

However, people did not believe his words as in that season never such kind of rain poured. But as the Mahan said heavy rain destroyed the village and many people died. After that the people went to see the mahan and his place also water logged. Mahan was not there. After about thirty years 1868 French Governemnt constructed a railway line from Pondicherry to Villupuram via Villianur.

For the railway line work, workers digged the sand in a particular place blood was come out from sand. They feared and informed to higher officials. Higher officials and villianur people digged further and find a man sit in Yoga position. His blood flow was good, temperature and pulse were normal.

The old people confirmed that he is Mahan Sri Rama Paradesikal and officers informed to French Chief Official and he came to that place. Official waited for his awakening for 2 days as all the things normal.

But he did not awake. So all decided to put him a Dumb and construct a Temple over it. This details were recorded in French documents. After that he is being worshiped by devotees and mahan is being get rid of many problems of his real devotees to this day.

Dharsan Timings:

The dharshan timings are 5 a.m to 8 a.m and 4 p.m to 8 p.m

Do & Don't

Do & Don't


  • Do pray Your Ishta Devata before Pilgrimage to temple
  • Do Contact Temple Devasthanam information center for inquiry ,temple information and for pooja details etc.
  • Do reserve your travel and accommodation at temple well in advance.
  • Do bath and wear clean clothes before you enter the temple
  • Do concentrate on God and Goddess inside the temple.
  • Do maintain silence and recite your Istamantram to yourself inside the temple.
  • Do observe ancient custom and traditions while in Temple.
  • Do deposit your offerings in the hundi only

Don't s:

  • Do not come to Temple for any Purpose other than worshiping of God and Goddess
  • Do not smoke at Temple.
  • Do not consume alcoholic drinks at Temple
  • Do not Eat Non Vegetarian food in the Kshetram
  • Do not approach mediators for quick Dharshanam. It may cause inconvenient to others
  • Do not carry any weapon inside the temple
  • Do not wear any head guards like helmets ,caps ,turbans and hats inside the temple premises

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