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Story of Dhanvantari - Ayurveda God



Story of Dhanvantari - Ayurveda God

Dhanvantari is known as the father of Ayurveda, since he was the first perfect incarnation to grant its intelligence amongst people. He initially showed up amid the immense churning of the cosmic sea of milk (Samudra manthan) to provide amrit (Divine nectar) to the demigods. The stirring of the sea of milk is a well-known scene in the Puranas that represents the spiritual efforts of a person to accomplish Self-acknowledgment through meditation of mind, withdrawal of the sanity, and control of all cravings.

Story narrated in Srimad Bhagavatham

Once, Durvasa, an old sage, gave a festoon of blooms to Indra (the king of gods in the Vedas) who set it upon his elephant Airavata. The elephant tossed it on the ground and pounded it. Durvasa, who was terrible tempered, reviled Lord Indra and the various devas that they would lose their quality of power. As devas became weaker, the asuras, a gathering of harmful divinities in the Hindu pantheon, attempted to vanquish them. Because of this, a war took after, which proceeded for a long time. Devas battled dauntlessly, however couldn't win over the asuras. So they appealed Lord Vishnu to help them.

Lord Vishnu told devas to associate with asuras together to churn the cosmic ocean of milk for the nectar of immortality
. The devas/demigods agreed and started churning the ocean using the mountain Mandara as the pole and Vasuki the serpent as the string, both demigods and evil presences continued to agitate the sea of milk.

Fourteen Valuable Divine things appeared during Mount Mandara

Because of the consistent churning by the devas, fourteen valuable things showed up on the surface of the water, to be specific, the Parijata tree, which conceded wishes, the elephant Airavata, the moon (which Lord Shiva took to his head), the Halahala poison (drank by Lord Shiva), the Kamadhenu, the bovine which satisfies needs, Varuni, the goddess of wine, the apsaras, a gathering of Hindu Goddesses, the white steed Uchchaisravas, and the Goddess Lakshmi. Likewise, the conch, the bow, the mace, and the gem, which were taken by Vishnu, showed up.

The last valuable divine thing which turned out from the milk sea was Lord Dhanvantari, the heavenly doctor, who landed with an amrit, the nectar of eternality. Despite the fact that the asuras attempted to assume control over the solution, Lord Vishnu played another trap in which he showed up as the female Mohini and frustrated the asuras. In this manner, devas achieved the remedy of godlikeness for themselves and the force of eternality stayed in the hands of the divine beings.



The Father of Ayurveda/ Science of Medicine Lord Dhanvantari

As mentioned in the Srimad Bhagavatam , Dhanvantari is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu who rapidly cures the sicknesses of the ever-sick living beings just by his eminence represented, and simply because of him do the demigods accomplish long lives. Consequently the Personality of Godhead turns out to be ever celebrated. He additionally claimed an offer from the penances, and it is he just who initiated the medicinal science or the information/ knowledge of medication in the world.

dhanvantariś ca bhagavān svayam eva kīrtir
nāmnā nṛṇāṁ puru-rujāṁ ruja āśu hanti
yaj'e ca bhāgam amṛtāyur-avāvarundha
āyuṣya-vedam anuśāsty avatīrya loke

Dhanvantari, who was carrying the pot containing nectar a complete portion of Lord Vishnu. He was very familiar with the science of medicine, and as one of the demigods he was permitted to take a share in sacrifices.

sa vai bhagavataḥ sākṣād
viṣṇor aḿśāḿśa-sambhavaḥ
dhanvantarir iti khyāta
āyur-veda-dṛg ijya-bhāk

At the time of the stirring the ocean of milk, Lord Vishnu predicted that Lord Dhanvantari would show up again on the earth to teach peoples the art of Ayurveda.

Dirghatamas king of Kashi was performing serious penance and offering them to Lord Dhanvantari in the trusts that he would be satisfied with them and bless him a child. The Lord showed up and offered a boon to him, so Dirghatamas requested that Lord Dhanvantari be conceived as his own child. The Lord answered that he would. Lord Dhanvantari was conceived in the royal family of Kashi and inevitably turned into the ruler. Indeed, even as a young man he had ascetic propensities, was greatly restrained and performed serious severities. He taught Ayurveda orally to the sages and rishis who turned into his supporters. His teachings are recorded in the Agni Purana.

The son of Kasya was Kasi, and his son was Rashtra, the father of Dirghatama. Dirghatama had a son named Dhanvantari, who was the inaugurator of the medical science and an incarnation of Lord Vasudeva, the enjoyer of the results of sacrifices. One who remembers the name of Dhanvantari can be released from all disease.

kasyasya kasis tat-putror
ashtro dirghatamah-pita
dhanvantarir dirghatamasa
yajna-bhug vasudevamsah

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