Thirumanancheri Temple Story

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The unmarried youths and Ladies should pray the divine couples with whole hearted by offering Garlands to the devotees. Then the obstacles stands for the delayed marriage will be solved by removing the hindrances and their marriage will be settled at an earliest possible by the grace of the divine couples.

After marriage the married couples should come once again to this place and complete their prayer by worshiping the Lord Kalyanasundarar.The married couples who were separated from their married life for various reasons may also come and pray the Lord Kalyanasundara for their unity. This kind of prayer is also conducted in this temple by temple folks.

Thirumanancheri Temple Story

Shakthi was conceived as parvati, the little girl of the ruler of Himalayas. As an issue kid, She was not intrigued by playing like the other kids. She was more slanted towards contemplating Lord Shiva in the mountains. She fancied to wed Lord shiva. For that she needed to perform serious tapa in the snow secured himalayas. Shakthi?s parents wavered, however at last needed to quell to the determination of parvati. parvati performed tapas from an ashram.

God Shiva, who was very glad with her love, came as an old aficionado to her place. parvati offered Her appreciation to the Old bhakta of Her Beloved Lord. Presently, He attempted to persuade her that She shouldn't squander Her childhood doing tapas, yet ought to appreciate life getting wedded! He further proposed that she could get marry to Him, as opposed to fancying for Lord shiva Who moves in the cemeteries and wears skulls and bones! parvati, without realizing that He is God Himself, got exceptionally furious on listening to the Old man's words and let him know that She demonstrated to Him regard simply because He appeared to be a follower and She would not have any desire to hear any little profanation of God further. She asked the Old Man to leave the spot quickly. The Lord, satisfied with her determination and dedication, uncovered who He is. parvati was astonished and asked the absolution of God. However God had acknowledged her reproving as the most pleasurable hailing. Didn't it originate from a profound affection for God He provided for her the boon she longed for - getting marry to Her. The captivating Lord in the wedding robe got wedded to the Daughter of the himalayas and this manifestation of God is called kalyana sundharar. Thereby the place is known as Thirumanancheri Temple the Lord in the form of Kalyana Sundharar.


Do pray Your Ishta Devata before Pilgrimage to temple
Do Contact Temple Devasthanam information center for inquiry ,temple information and for pooja details etc.
Do Do reserve your travel and accommodation at temple well in advance.
Do bath and wear clean clothes before you enter the temple
Do concentrate on God and Goddess inside the temple.
Do maintain silence and recite your Istamantram to yourself inside the temple.
Do observe ancient custom and traditions while in Temple.
Do deposit your offerings in the hundi only


Do not come to Temple for any Purpose other than worshiping of God and Goddess
Do not smoke at Temple.
Do not consume alcoholic drinks at Temple
Do not Eat Non Vegetarian food in the Kshetram
Do not approach mediators for quick Dharshanam. It may cause inconvenient to others
Do not carry any weapon inside the temple
Do not wear any head guards like helmets ,caps ,turbans and hats inside the temple premises