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Vaikasi Visakam is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Muruga also known as Subramanya , Kartikeya, Skanda and the day when Lord subramanya is accepted to have showed up on earth to demolish the evil presences and ease the sufferings of people. Lord Muruga is believed to have incarnated on the Visakam Nakshatra on Vaikasi Pournami.

Lord Muruga is the son of Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvathi and brother of Lord Ganesha who plays a key role in protecting people from evil forces and enemies. Lord Muruga has two wives/ consorts named Devayani (Amruthavalli / Devasena) the daughter of Lord Indra and Valli (Sundaravalli) the daughter of tribal hunter.



Story Behind the birth of Lord Muruga / Subramanya

As mentioned in Skanda purana mata sati the first wife of Lord Shiva got very angry toward his father Daksha and sacrificed herself for insulting and was not inviting him to the yagna ceremony. Taking this as an advantage with the boons of Lord Shiva that they being killed only by the son of Lord Shiva, the asuras Soorapadman and Tarakasura started troubling the deities and devas. All the divinities went to Lord Shiva and requested him to do something as they couldn't endure the evil spirit Soorapadman's brutality.

Lord Shiva brought a structure alongside six appearances of Sathyojatham, Vamadevam, Thathpurusham, Eesanam, Aghoram and Atho. A flame sparkle turned out from the third eyes of every six faces. God Shiva solicited Vayudevan and Agnidevan to take the six flame sparkles to the Ganges River. Later Ganga the Ganges River divinity took them to Sarvana lake. The six flame flashes turned into six excellent children on six red lotus blossoms.

At the point when Goddess Parvati embraced them together, they joined to turn into one structure with six faces, twelve hands and were named Skandan (another name for Lord Muruga). Six women called Karthigai pengal taken care of the six children. Henceforth, He was additionally called Kartikeyan.

At the point when Soorapadman's brutality went to a severe, Lord Shiva thought it was the ideal time for his annihilation. He gave the eleven Rudras eleven weapons, and Parvathi gave the Vel (Spear) weapon to Lord Muruga to battle against him. The Vel is the most effective weapon in Lord Muruga's ordnance. Muruga stayed in Thiruchendur with his armed force. He battled for ten days and wrecked Soorapadman and his siblings. Soorapadman would not like to surrender to the Lord. He took the structure of a major mango tree. Muruga's lance/cut part the tree and one section turned into a peacock and the other turned into a cock. Ruler Muruga took the peacock as his vehicle and the cock as his flag.

Vettri Vel ... Veera Vel !

Watch "Kandan Karunai" Full Tamil Movie with English Subtitle will describe about Lord Kartikeya/Subramanya who is a superior warrior and has enormous power of Lord Shiva and Shakti(Parvati).

Do & Don't

Do & Don't


Clean your House before the day Vaikasi Visakam
Lighting the deepa with Ghee or Oil.
Make Small Turmeric idol of Ganesha and do puja.
Prepare Sweet/Sarkarai Pongal, a special neviedya, or prasad
Observe fasting and shall drink milk during fasting.
Do Milk Abishek for Muruga idol or offer milk to near by Murugan Temple.
Must worship Lord Muruga / Subramanya by offering Pujas and rituals.
Chant Muruga Mantra / Skanda Shasti Kavacham while doing puja

Om Saum Sa Ra Va Na Bha Va Shreem Hreem Kleem Glaum Saum Namaha.

Sa - Attracts good peoples to you
Ra- Brings more Wealth & Prosperity
Va - Eradicates diseases and mishaps
Na - Stay you away from enemies
Bha - Attraction through charisma / personalityVa - Removes Negative influence from bad planets

Each of these six words / phrases is bestowed to Lord Muruga's Six faces

Offer rice food to poor peoples.
Visit nearby Muruga Temples.

Don't s

Should avoid eating Non-veg on this auspicious day.
Should not involve in any wrong doings.
Drinking alcohol or smoking is strictly avoidable while observing fasting.

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