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The Asvamedha

The Asvamedha 
The Rite and its Logic 

by Subhash Kak        
ISBN(Hardbound): 8120818776, 9788120818774
Price(Hardbound): 250.00 INR
Pages: vii+71
Language: English
Year of Pub.: 2002

About The Asvamedha:

This book describes the ASVAMEDHA rite and its symbolism to explain distinctive aspects of the Vedic sacrifice system. Several questions related to the Asvamedha are posed and answered in the context of Vedic epistemology. This rite has three important functions:

(i) it presents and equivalence of the naksatra year to the heaven, implying that it is rite that celebrates the rebirth of the Sun;
(ii) it is symbolic of the conquest of Time by the king, in whose name the rite is performed; and
(iii) it is celebration of social harmony achieved by the transcendence of the fundamental conflicts between various sources of power.

Numbers from another Vedic rite, the Agnicayana; help in the understanding of several of its details.

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