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The Gems of Vedic Wisdom

The Gems of Vedic Wisdom  
by Kamlesh Sharma  /   Karan Singh    
ISBN(Hardbound): 8187471255, 9788187471257
Price(Hardbound): 495.00 INR
Pages: 230
Language: English
Year of Pub.: 2006
Publication: Motilal Banarsidass

About The Gems of Vedic Wisdom:

The study of Vedas is essential for everyone who desires to acquire complete knowledge about God, soul and the world. Vedas are indispensable for attainment of peace, prosperity in the life. Vedas advocate the establishment of world peace based on spiritual foundation which is the most important need today in this conflict torn world and the mad rat-race of obtaining superiority over others. Universal love and friendship are the basics of the Vedas. 

All actions of human beings are covered by the following four categories: (1) "Dharma"-Religion, (II) "Artha" - acquisition of health, (III) "kam"- fulfillment of cernal desires, and (IV) "Moksha" - salvation. The Vedas cover all these aspects in brief. One more and very important characteristic of Vedas is that while all other religious thoughts or Philosophical system are the inspiration or teachings of a particular sage but the Vedas viz. Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samveda and Atharveda are the divine relations to four seers: (1) Agni (II) Vayu (III) Aditya and (IV) Angira respectively. 

Veda is the repository of all knowledge and wisdom covering all matters relating to animate and inanimate. It is the revealed text of all principles, basics sciences and arts useful for the advancement of human society. It is like a deep ocean, full of precious jewels and the person who dares to jump deep into it, gets amply rewarded. It enables man to understand and do whatever is helpful in achieving the goal of life. 

The Veda inspires the law-giver, guides the grammarian, infuses life in the logician, serves the instructer, the surgeon and the scientist. All that is contained in the Veda is not only meant for the personal welfare of the individual but for the welfare of all in the universe. 

Authority of Veda is the highest in all matters whether religious, social, literary or legal and all sciences must subserve it.

In these days of international understanding, it is essential to remove social pride, prejudice, misunderstanding and that is possible only when the revelations of the finest universal truth for the benefit of the humanity as contained in the scriptures of the world are made known and put in the hands of the common man in a language he can easily understand and follow. 

This book will undoubtedly be a valuable asset to any person and library in India and in the world as a whole. 


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