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The Kundalini Book of Living & Dying

The Kundalini Book of Living & Dying 
Gateways to Higher Consciousness 
by Ravindra Kumar        

ISBN (Paperback): 8120832159, 9788120832152
Price (Paperback): 250.00 INR  
Pages: xvi, 274
Language: English
Year of Pub.: 2007
Publication: Motilal Banarsidass

About The Kundalini Book of Living & Dying:

This comprehensive study of Kundalini energy nad how to awaken it within oneself includes methods, techniques, and examples of achieving higher consciousness, Kundalini awakening and self-realization. There is a spiritual energy dormant below the base of the spine. In the east it is called the Kundalini, but whatever name it is called, it is a common denominator in all major religions. People with awakened Kundalini experience death before physically dying through visions and out of body experiences, ultimately leading to a spiritual rebirth. A twice-born person simultaneously enjoys the best of this world and the next through an inner journey that conquers fears of dealth. That inner journey travels the world of meditation and unconscious dreams, as well as actual near-death experience. 


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