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The Lord Shiva

The Lord Shiva 
His 12 Jyotirlingams and 5 Bhoota Lingams 

by Shantha N. Nair Dr. (mrs)        
ISBN (Paperback): 8122310397,9788122310399
Price (Paperback): 160.00 INR 
Pages: 201
Language: English
Year of Pub.: 2009

About The Lord Shiva:

This book is a storehouse that combines brilliant description with great visuals. And delivers the essence of Hindu religion, especially Lord Shiva and his Jyotirlingams in a language everyone can understand. The author describes the twelve ancient Jyotirlingams that find mention in the Shiva Purana. These jyotirlingams are scattered in different area in India. The author makes special mention of five elements of Nature, namely Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Space that are worshipped as Panch Bhoota Lingams, and have shrines in different parts of South India.

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