The Psychic Sun
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The Psychic Sun

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The Psychic Sun  
by Sridattabal        
Price (Paperback): 150.00 INR  Pages: 95
Language: English
Year of Pub.: 2001
Publication: Motilal Banarsidass

About The Psychic Sun:

This book for the present generation? How can one verify or actually experience the things described in this book? One does not have to have the full inner power of seeking the hidden side of nature. One can try to sense the things deeply around oneself. Provided the person has a fairly sensitive physical body and a quiet brain, he may be able to go into the depth of the things and sense them from inside rather than outside as normally people do. This may enable the person to see much more than a common eye can see and sense much more than normally possible. This should lead to better understanding of the things and the life as a whole and may bring about a different relationship between man, nature and environment. 

This book is not to be read casually but it needs to be pondered over. Lot of thinking questioning and observation has to be done before a person can expect some first-hand knowledge of the things mentioned in the book.



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