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Thirty Minor Upanisads

Thirty Minor Upanisads  
by Madhu Khanna        
Price(Hardbound): 950.00 INR
Pages: xxiii, 286
Language: English
Year of Pub.: 2011 
Publication: Motilal Banarsidass

About Thirty Minor Upanisads:

The new, revised edition of the popular and successful translation of the Thirty Minor Upanisads by E Narayanaswami Ayiar brings together, for the first time, the lesser known and much negelected set of Thirty Minor Upanisads probably compiled during the medieval and post medieval periods. These texts, despite their late origin are still inspiring scholars and laypersons as they have for the last ten centuries. The Minor Upanisads are divided into three groups. The first fourteen fall under the heading of Vedanta Upanisads; the small group of two Upanisads explore psycho-physical subjects. The third groups comprise the fourteen Yoga Upanisads. The book offers revealing insights into the fundamental themes: contemplations on the Reality, the unity of atman and Brahman; the attitude and qualifications of the worldly adepts and sages; steps leading to the mastery of the body and control over senses, esoteric details on the Yogas, and symbolic structures of the subtle body. The engaging Introduction explores seminal core principles of the Vedantic faith and highlights the necessity of the experiential dimension of spiritual experience that these texts afford. The eclectic collection is as invaluable resource for scholars and students of South Asia?s diverse and fascinating faiths. 

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