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Tripura Sundari Temple Puja

TriPura Sundari Temple Puja-Remove misfortune, bad luck, bless abundance in life, wealth and prosperity


TriPura Sundari Temple is an ancient temple located in Udaipur, Rajastan. This temple is one of the 51 holiest shaktipeetas in india as per Hindu Mythology. The temple consists of square type sanctum of thr typical Bengali hut strucuture with a conical dome. the temple was constructed in 1501 A.D By the then Maharaja Dhanya Manikya. Tripura Shakti as one the shakti peetas at the top of the hills, near RadhaKishorepur Village, with a little distance away from Udaipur. Goddess Tripura (Goddess Shakti) in Tripra Shakti Peeta as in statue of Goddess Kali Maa and Lord Shiva have their priceless attendance in the temple karm temple shapes of tortoise. In the eastern side of the temple there is the famous Kalyan Sagar lske where fishes and tortoises of huge size are found and devoteed feed them with Muri and biscuits. No fishning is permitted in the kalyan sagar. The idol of Goddess Kali is worshiped at the temple of Tripura Sundari in the form of Soroshi. one is made of Kasti Sculptures which is reddish black in color. It is beleived that the idol was Chhotima was carried by king in battlefield. This temple is also known as Kurma Pitha because it the temple premises resembles Kurma. Devotees Visit this temple to get relief from Wedding Problmes, For Child Boon, cure from disease and Wealth, Prosperity.




Bless life with Self-Awareness, remove Black Magic, Witchcraft, Evil-Eye

Strategize Life with Sound Health, Cure Prolonged Illness, incurable diseases

Bestow life with Financial Gains, remove debts, eradicate poverty

Bless the beauty of Self-Image, Curtail unknown mysterious and evil force

Negate past and present sins, solve court cases, make future bright and perfect

Remove misfortune, bad luck, bless abundance in life, wealth and prosperity


Temple Opening Time


Morning:5.30 AM to Evening 8.30 PM


Temple Puja


Durga Puja

Kali Puja


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