Vaikasi Visakam Pooja

Vaikasi Vishakam 2019


Powerful Set of Three Homas on Lord Muruga’s Birthday to Remove All Types of Adversaries & Secure Positivity




Scheduled Live on May 18, 2019

Vaikasi Vishakam - A Day To Destroy Dark Forces That Destroy Peace

Vaikasi Vishakam signifies the birthday of Lord Muruga. It is also the day when the lord came to earth to free it from demons Soorapadman, Singamuhan and Tharakasura. This is a day of protection against evil and dark forces that cause great destruction. The auspicious day falls on a full moon in the month of Vaiskasi (May-June).  This year it is observed on May 18, 2019.


Six Face Muruga Homa Grants Wealth And Fame

The six-face Muruga is very special as it represents six blessings of the lord. They are wisdom, strength, fame, wealth, detachment & divine powers. This is a profound Vedic ritual performed to satisfy the overtly generous God who vanquishes foes, guarantees achievement, ensures unmatched victory of devotees and makes certain that everyone lead a happy, contented & prosperous life. Each face of Lord Muruga has certain sacred functions. While the heads symbolically represent the five senses and the mind, the six tattvas and the six chakras, the faces on the other hand perform six functions.

Benefits of six-face Muruga Homam

  • It protects from all shrewd practices (sins) and black magic.
  • It’s helpful to remove various sorts of Dhrishti Doshas, Graha Doshas & curses of Devata & Pitru curses.
  • Helps overcome Situations like terrible associations with siblings, obligations and weakness. 
  • Problems of those yearning to get house, properties will be eliminated. 
  • Gets rid of malevolence identified with Mars, mangalya doshas in the horoscope.


Kukuta Homam Removes Mental Suffering Due To Debts

The Kukuta Homam invokes Lord Skanda’s powerful mount the rooster. It destroys negative qualities like laziness, lack of motivation, mental agony due to debt traps, bad relationships and poor health. The homam removes darkness from one’s life and provides strength to face any type of adversaries. It also educates the people about the higher echelons of life, brings success, provides motivation and energy to carry out tasks, improves relationships, cures diseases, perks up health, helps achieve desires and get rid of negativity. It’s a very powerful yagya and can be carried out by only highly qualified priests.

Benefits of Kukuta Homam

  • Brings all round success to the individual
  • Provides motivation and energy to carry out tasks
  • Alleviates problems of debt and finance
  • Improves relationships with everyone especially your dear ones
  • Cures diseases and perks up health
  • Achieve all desires in life


Shatru Samhara Trishati Homam Destroys Enemies & Ignorance

The Shatru Samhara Trishati is one of the most important texts of Kaumara sect. It is used in a covert manner to destroy enemies. It is chanted by highly knowledgeable Vedic scholars who know to handle the powerful mantras carefully. Shatru means enemy and therefore destroying the enemy is the main aim of the ritual. The form of the lord invoked here is Shatru Samhara Murthi, the one who destroys the demon called Avidya which is the veil of spiritual forgetfulness, ignorance or individual illusion or absence of true knowledge.


Benefits of Shatru Samhara Trishati Homam

  • The Homa protects you from enemies and gives strength to face all challenges.
  • It helps you recover from business debts and helps to regain lost wealth
  • This homam also helps you to recover from doshas of planet mars
  • It’s a highly beneficial ritual to politicians, businessmen and military personnel.


Sri Dhandayuthapani (Palani Murugan) Temple Puja - Grants Relief From All Adversities

This is the third divine abode of Lord Muruga. Lord graces here with hair in his head. People strongly believe that Lord Muruga offers best solutions for wedding, child boon, illness & other physical problems. Special pujas here to Lord Muruga on Vaikasi Visakam give relief from all adversities & bestows prosperity in family. 

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