Valentine Day Puja

A Positive Powerful Day of Unity, Solve Relationship Problem

Valentine's Day Special Package

Heal the Past, Win the Power of Love in Family and Business Relationships

Scheduled Live on February 14, 2020 @ 6 PM IST



Astrology Consultation - Bless Stronger Married Life, Remove Evil Dreams


Our Astrology Consultation is a unique and accurate system of prediction a combination of "Atmakaraka" and "Navamsha Chart" which is a essential part in one's horoscope, together noted as "Karakamsha Lagna" of all the planets, giving due importance to Rahu and Ketu, the two Lunar Nodes of Fate. Our consultation is a continuous process, which meets the arithmetic analysis of the Planetary Position, based on your Birth Chart Particulars. Our Consultation will include highly professionalized discussing covering the present, what will happen in the near future and where your life is intended to lead and what are turns, ups and downs. We include predicting the whole life of the native, suggesting appropriate remedies if the identified life of the native suppose to under-go tough times, struggles and hardships in Life. We cover the prospects of Longevity, Diseases, Profession, Progeny and Spouse, Longevity, Nature and cause of death, pre-natal epoch


Aikyamatya Suktam Homam - Bless Well Nurtured Spouse, Remove Misunderstandings


The word "Aikya" denotes Unity and Matya means "Acquiring Knowledge" which denoted together "Awareness" about life, application and acquiring of knowledge. This Homam invoke best solution for the specific or distinguished relationship, turn devotees to believe in the divinity of God.

Chanting Aikyamatya Suktam shall connect two opposite mind into One or Unite, make their thoughts come together to create opportunities and bountiful experiences of coming close to reality. The verses of Aikyamatya Suktam spark divine potential, realize god in every action and the dedicated prayers connects Love and Affection, Faith in Relationship, Strengthen bonding, create zeal, glorify the family with good health, wealth and prosperity.


Kamdev Rati Homam - Bless Power of Attraction, Heal the Mental and Physical Sexual Energy


The word "Kamdev" denotes human love and desire, which means caring and freedom. The desire in love is lustful, sensual, emotional feelings for each others, in which sexual desires are more powerful emotions and intense longing. For those who face complex situations in  expressing love and affection have been pushed to an unhappy state of affairs in lovemaking  marital relationship.

"Kamdev Rati Homam" is a powerful tool to communicate the love you have for your spouse in an more appropriate manner, will make your relationship Strong, Increase Love and Affection, Express all good feelings and thought, share desires between couples. This is so powerful homam that communicates Love and Obtain what you desire is a perfect model where "Rati" goddess of love, lust and passion is the chief consort and assistant of "Lord Kamadev", the god of love will bless devotees with Fertility, Love, Beauty, Marriage, Children and divine strength and power.

Mars Homam - Bless Peace and Harmonious Family, Negate Evil Eye, Women Curses


The planet Mars denotes purified energy and liveliness. It improves the quality of life of the native for achieving success in all endeavors. Unfavorable planetary position of native from the Birth Chart indicates obstacles, problems, split relationship, Doshas, which need to be resolved by remedies, appeasing God of Mars who is radiant and passionate, one who bless native with strength and courage, stabilize financial position, cure diseases.

Mars homam is oblation of fire sacrifice and fire worship offering prayers to Lord Karthikeya, son of Lord Shiva praying for the well-being of the family and happiness of the native. Solving all the problems in life, gives of pleasure of satisfaction, a sense of joy and happiness and bless native in the job profession of defense, police force, army and other courageous job prospects, and also bless with higher studies in Engineering and Medicine. This homam, also clears financial debts, cure diseases and relationship problems. It removes all ill-effects, malefic effects, Marriage Doshas, gives good results.