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Vargas: A Vedic Approach

Vargas: A Vedic Approach
by Raj Kumar Lt.Col.(Retd.)
ISBN (Paperback):8170820839
Price (Paperback): 225.00 INR
Language: English
Year of Pub.:2008

About Vargas: A Vedic Approach:

The Vargas are the unique feature of Vedic astrology which has given it a definite edge over any other system in vogue. The primary aim of studying a Varga is two folds- to study a particular aspect of human life pertaining to a specific house and to find out the true strength of planets related with the house. A horoscope takes into account linear time and vertical declinations of the planets. Every division of zodiac has a corresponding division of time. Hence a Varga gives projections representing possibilities which might occur in different time frames. Each chart gives a microscopic view of a particular facet of life seen in the light of Dasha sequence.There are many tools available to assess the true strength of a planet. One set of rules rely on PAC of planets, their awasthas and yogas formed by them. The other, Nadi system, studies the effects of lords of sign, Nakshatra and Sub under which a planet is placed. At times these influences change the characteristics of a planet completely. In this book an attempt is made to unite the two systems to get the true strength of planets. In order to understand a planet and its significations in a better way, a comparative study of planets in birth and divisional charts has also been made.This book shall add to precision and accuracy of probable events and their qualitative effects on various aspects related to a native and as such will be of great use to serious students of astrology.


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