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3 Powerful Homam Rituals
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9 Days Chaitra Vasantha Navratri Special
Glamorous Ujjain Mahakali, Kamakhya Devi, Vaishno Devi, Instill Strong Protection, Boost Wealth, Prosperity
Scheduled Live Stream on April 13, 2021 to April 21, 2021 @ 6 PM IST
Ashta Dasa Shakthi Peetha: Awakens Adi Primordial Shakti Energy, Expand Life Roots, Tons of Wealth, Incredibly Good Time, Break-up Dosha Inflictions
Goddess Adi Para Shakti as a supreme being is a principal energy of cosmic force entice cosmic harmony, is a holy power of celestial Shakta. As Goddess Sati Devi her unparallel powers on earth widens the scope as chief motherhood, affiliating to: 
  • Goddess Mahakali mother of precious time, creativity, cosmic power and dissolution
  • Goddess Kamakhya Devi, is mother of mensuration, a bleeding mother in womb chamber
  • Goddess Vaishno Devi is mother of beauty, spiritual queen, welfare of mankind
This is an auspicious time worshipping Goddess Mahakali, Goddess Kamakhya Devi and Goddess Vaishno Devi as the cosmic level of Ashta Dasa Shakthi Peetha reflects a greater sense of connection with the unity of nature and the mankind of the universe on this Vasantha Navaratri, bless all devotees curing their disease, defeat evil and enemies, make our wealth to grow in plenty, life prosper. She is a great “Divine Mother of earth", surrounded us with her divine energy indivisibly, who manifest well, when where and how her cosmic power of energy is required for the mankind, is a divine grace and a great boon gives way for brilliant triad of knowledge, faith, and conduct, a path to Salvation.
A nine-day period that falls during the waxing phase of the moon in the month of Chaitra and devoted fasting on this divine day remove sorrows of home and professional life, grants Siddhi and Riddhi, protect devotees who are desperate, loneliness under depression, emotional support, instant and timely care and concern for younger and older generations of men and women, multiply their wealth generations, good health, prosperity. 
Day 1 – Mysore Chamundeshwari Puja & Abhishekam - Remove infectious disease, Obesity, Thyroid Problem, Bless Healthy nutritious life, Wealth, Prosperity
Worshiping the property of Goddess Chamundeshwari Devi the Hair destroys all Evil Doshas and Toxins. Goddess Durga in tutelary form as Chamundeshwari known as Kroucha Peetham, will appear on this day as Para deveta fiercely seated in her divine Shakti Peetha to annihilate all wicked energies, protecting virtuous and pious. She once slayed the demons the Chanda and Munda, to protect the universe. On this day, performing auspicious Chamundeshwari Puja & Abhishekam shields all mankind, bless mental and physical stability, gain confidence and concentration in your professional work, keeps your health strong, value add self-knowledge, buy assets, wealth, life to succeed and prosper. 
Day 2 – Kasi Visalakshi Devi Puja & Abhishekam - Remove Evil Doshas, Improve Gesture Language of Body, Dance as an Art, Bless Courage & Strength, Bestow All Wealth
Worshiping the property of Goddess Visalakshi Devi the wrist, removes evil influence, negativities. Goddess Durga in the form of Sri Kasi Visalakshi is wide-eyed Devi, appear on this day as Visalakshi Gauri, who is the originator of the natural forms namely the nakshatras in skies, planets, mankind and each and every visible object in the universe. On this day, performing auspicious Visalakshi Devi Puja and Abhishekam relieve from malicious inflictions, fulfill life-time ambitions, to travel places, be part of family and see them settled, buy assets, properties, financially stable, life-long, happy bonding with spouse, relieve from sins, karmas and pitru doshas.
Day 3 – Ujjain Mahakali Homam - Power of supreme yoga, meditation awakens divine powers, relieve sins, karmas, remove darkness, bless abundance of Wealth in life
Worshiping the property of Goddess Mahakali the upper lip, relieves you from life, death, birth cycle, liberating the soul from past sins and consequences. On this auspicious day Goddess Mahakali is best archetype of all time, bring changes in self, persona, shadow self, destruct hostility, ill-feelings, bad spirits, unconsciousness, punish stealing others wealth and property. On this day performing Ujjain Mahakali Homam you will be blessed with bright appearance, energetic body structure, expressive ideas, open-minded personality, kind and generous light as feather, strong power of organs, sensuality, creative ideas, destroys enmity, ignorance, unending wealth gains, prosperity, attain the path of Salvation.
Maha Kali Moola Mantra for Worship
Kringh Kringh Kringh Hing Kring Dakshine 
Kalike Kringh Kringh Kringh 
Hring Hring Hung Hung Swaha
Benefit of chanting moola mantra for 108 times for 45 days
Attain the path of Moksha, Mahakali the preserver of earth, remove all ignorance and fear of death
What Benefits you achieve from Ujjain Mahakali Homam
Attain systematic thorough awareness, remove bustling black magic, evil-eye
Agreeable sound health, cure active prolonged illness, put an end to vulnerability
Quick strong growth, remove bad-debts, overcome poverty, ability to earn money
Impressive behavior, self-image, balanced personality, stops mysterious evil force
Day 4 – Alampur Jogulamba Puja & Abhishekam – Dedication to God, Focus and Concentration, Clean Air, Water, detach from worldly attachment, Attain Salvation
Worshiping the property of Goddess of Alampur Jogulamba upper teeth, solves distortion, disfigurement of body parts caused by illness, injuries which appeared later in the childhood. On this day performing puja and abhisekam to the appearance of fierce goddess grants perfection in yoga and meditation accomplish, attain and achieve success in all our personal and professional endeavors. Goddess Jogulamba Devi is Goddess of material pleasure, save us from the sins and karmas that has happened in past lives. On this day she appears in her ferocious Ugra Roopa and her energy is basically of medicinal herbs, removes all ill-effects, keeps the lifestyle, location and place and attitudes cool, protects devotees from poisonous of ozone, sky, oxygen, tunes of bad energy, attain wealth gains, financial stability, prosperity.
Day 5 – Kolhapur Mahalakshmi Puja & Abhisekam – Bless Profession lots of profit, self-sufficient, education, food grains, money and wealth, end poverty
Worshipping the property of Goddess Kolhapur Mahalakshmi, the eyes, remove evil eye, ward-off negative energies due to drishti, clears sadness, feeling of depression. Performing Puja and Abhisekam to Goddess Mahalakshmi in the form of Kolhapur in her vahana Lion, fulfills extremely pleasant life desires, remove financial discomforts, attain joy and happiness, luxury and comforts, long-life span and good health, relieve all troubles and hurdles in life. Worshipping on this day make your eyes look beautiful, shoulders stronger, chest broader, arms long and strong, heart full of mercy, attain wonderful energy of all creations, good fortune, great wonders, huge profits and gains, wealth, prosperity and divine energy.
Day 6 – Kamakhya Devi Homam – Organize life, realize immediate aims, Bless qualities of fertility, boon for child-bearing, unending wealth, prosperity
Worshipping the property of Goddess Kamakhya Devi, the womb and genitalia solves all problems of male and female reproductive system, underlying infections, deficiency in male and female organs and hormone system, chemical allergies in body due to soaps and perfumes, low digestive power due to improper diet, prevent the growth of bacteria. This Homam is quite powerful and extremely effective in restoring mental and physical body conditions to a natural well-being. Goddess Kamakhya Devi consort of Lord Shiva and archetype of natural science, is the one who puts an end to energy of "Kama", the lust and sensual pleasures. She is Goddess of Womb, an energy which moots best use of human potent and capabilities, plan a life with practical aim, attain positive energy to achieve, sets proactive groundwork developing proper sense of pure life values, fertility in motherhood, discharge fear, bless wonderful passions, abundance of material, wealth, prosperity. 
Kamakhya Devi Moola Mantra for Worship
Kamakhy Varade Devi Nilparvatvasini,
Twam Devi Jagatam Mataryonimudre Namostute |
Benefit of chanting moola mantra for 108 times for 45 days
Mother of relationships, bonding, destroys all kind of evil spirits, evil eye effects in mind, negative energies, boost good health, career growth, profits in business, substantial wealth, prosperity
What Benefits you achieve from Kamakhya Devi Homam
Creative Energy, Healing Power of all Bad Deeds, Boost Nourishment
Invoke reproductive energy in dynamic forms, build generations, great future
Boost power of will, power of knowledge, positive thoughts, destroy evil forms
Power to perform productive deeds, spiritual thinking, build self-esteem
Bestows natural energy, Bless Fertility, boon to beget a child, clear pains
Boost Material Abundance, Prosperity, face challenges, build self-consciousness 
Day 7 – Kanchi Kamakshi Amman Puja & Abhisekam - Bless good health, healthy body organs, strong blood circulation, boost wealth, abundance of happiness 
Worshipping the property of Goddess Kanchi Kamakshi Amman back part of Goddess Sati devi bless life to body, build strength to back-bone, remove complications in red blood cells and white blood cells, produce healthy blood cells, distribute ample oxygen source, fight infections, cure bone marrow cancer. On this auspicious Vasantha Navratri goddess is in the form of Srividya Parameshvari bless fertility to symbolize regeneration, love & affection, peace, harmony, Name, Fame, Effective Bondage, Disease Free Long Life, Remove Evil Effects, Evil Spirits, Bestow Wealth, Material Abundance, Prosperity.
Day 8 – Kashmir Saraswathi Devi Puja & Abhisekam – Bless aspects of human personality, Intelligence, Power of Speech, Bestow Good Fortune, Wealth, Prosperity
Worshipping the property of Goddess Kashmir Saraswathi, the right-hand boosts knowledge power, high-priority deeds and actions, become expert and equipped, familiar with worldly matters, truth telling, play music instruments, arts and crafts, deep concentration, yoga and meditation, attain the path to gain powerful bonding with God. On this auspicious Vasantha Navratri, Goddess Saraswathi appear in the form Saraswathi Devi awakens unlimited knowledge, awareness by time, deeds, outcome and self, perceiving all things in life, creativity in new ways, self-expression, surround with excellence, bless arts and science, impressive literature, music, medicinal properties, clear hindrances, obstacles, legal battles, bestow material gains, wealth, prosperity.
Day 9 – Vaishno Devi Homam (Jammu & Kashmir) – Bestower of courage and strength, Eye-sight to the blind, Remove Evil Effects, Bless Unending Wealth, Prosperity
Worshipping the property of Goddess Vaishno Devi, the head part, enhance the perfect functioning of the five senses organs namely sight, smell, touch, taste and sound. It helps one’s own body and mind, thoughts and desire, deeds and possessions to devoted Vaishno Devi as worship and surrender to take the generous blessings from the God to attain all fulfillment in life. Performing Vaishno Devi Homam on Vasantha Navratri is the energy of combined forms of Goddess Maha Kali, Goddess Saraswathi and Goddess Lakshmi is the supreme force governs the entire universe in the form of Jwalamukhi, depicts energies of Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic bless righteousness, harmony, positive energy, stability and enlightenment in life. On this day it is very auspicious taking the blessings of Vaishno Devi who have offered her prayers for the victory of Lord Rama against the battle of Lanka Ravana. Lord Rama have ensured that the entire universe shall pray and praise Vaishno Devi for her works and sadhanas thus attained the blessings of Lord Rama to be ever remain and immortal, bless all with early marriages, symbolize wisdom, power and strength to women and children’s, awareness to distinguish between good and bad, energy to stay focused in life, importance of learning music, arts and craft, win over legal battles, enemies, suppress all evil energy, planetary Doshas, inflictions, untimely death, bless long-life, abundance of profitable business, high income, amorous of wealth, prosperity.
Vaishno Devi Moola Mantra for Worship
Om Sarvateertha Samood bhootam Paadyaam 
Gandhaadi-Bhiryutam |
Anisht-Hartaa Grihaanedam Bhagvati 
Bhakt-Vatsalaa ||
Om Shri Vaishnavi Namah
Benefit of chanting moola mantra for 108 times for 45 days
Mother of Trimurti, boost meditation, relive stress, prosper in thoughts, love and affection, remove negative energy, cultivate positive behavior, all wealth in life, prosperity.
What Benefits you achieve from Vaishno Devi Homam
Attain positive outcomes in all your tasks, remove negative thinking, distress
Love and Affection, beauty and bliss, Self-consciousness, Fulfill all life desires
Bestows powerful strength to the needy, confidence, gain victory, prosperity
Bless early marriage, boon for childless, remove evil spirits, boost family bonding
Inculcate kindness, generosity, essence of true culture, remove ignorance, no fear

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