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Vedanta and Ramakrishna

Vedanta and Ramakrishna  
by Swami Swahananda  /   Pamela Reid    
ISBN(Hardbound): 8187332239, 9788187332237
Price(Hardbound): 150.00 INR
Pages: X+446
Language: English
Year of Pub.: 2007
Publication: Motilal Banarsidass

About Vedanta and Ramakrishna:

Vedanta is a philosophy, and it is also a religion. Sri Ramakrishna was the prophet of the last century who experienced the truths embedded in the Vedant. The Vedant philosophy, which is a repository of all spiritual ideas, emphasizes several key ideas. Its grandest idea, its central point, is the oneness of life. Everything that we see around us, including ourselves, is reducible to one substance. The Vedantic philosophers called this substance Brahman. As a corollary came the idea that the real nature of man is the atman, the undying, immortal, spiritual Self. And as a further corollary of the idea of oneness came the idea of the oneness of Godhead and the harmony of all religions. The ultimate objective of man's life has been said by Vedanta to be freedom. 


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