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Vedic India

Vedic India 
A History 

by M. P. Ajithkumar        
ISBN(Hardbound): 8178359383, 9788178359380
Price(Hardbound): 825.00 INR
Pages: 299
Language: English
Year of Pub.: 2012
Publication: Motilal Banarsidass

About Vedic India:

The book zeroes in on many areas not covered so far. It stresses the general underlying unity of Indian culture. Basing on the philosophical and argumentative analysis, the author brings out the basic oneness that threads together many facets of Indian culture. He also refutes cultural streams existing in India as migrants, and establishes in the light of archaeology and literature that many migration theories including that of the Aryans are products of untenable imaginations. Even the chronology of ancient India was cast basing on foreign accounts like Megasthanes? Indica which none has even seen. Most conclusions regarding the history of ancient India were predicated on illogical and unsubstantial premises , which lacked academic tenability. Here the author makes an intelligible recasting of ancient Indian history so that many confusions and misunderstandings are avoided. 

This book covers the long historic period of Vedas which may well be called Vedic India or India of the period which effloresced into knowledge systems, all having their roots in Vedas and Vedic tradition. Evidences speak volumes about the similarity of cultures and their ideas that sprang up in India. Teachings of the Vedas, Mahavira and the Buddha and new findings from Saraswati-Sindhu valley speak of a common culture. Hence the conclusion that they all belong to the same tradition and that they are not mutually contradictory and conflicting. 

Written in the light of original sources, the book gives new insights into many areas of ancient Indian history and culture. The entirely new approaches with new and original interpretations which are scientific and objective provide lay men with an interesting reading while to students and researchers it gives new hypotheses and desirable visions in Indology. 


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