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Veera Raghava Perumal Temple Pooja

The Veera raghava temple is one among the 108 divya desams of vaishnavas and a piece of tondai naadu divyadesams. Amavasya days are accepted to be promising for going to this sanctuary. The chief god Veera raghava perumal is in a leaning back position in this temple. The God's right hand is situated on Salihothra Munivar's head while the left hand is in the Gyana Mudra position showing the educating of the four Vedas to the Lord Brahma.

This sanctuary is exceptionally renowned amid amavasya days and will be completely crowed. Individuals who have illness and other well being related issues were advised to clean up in the Hrittapanasini Lake (picture underneath) and submit salt to Sri Veeraraghavar and their wellbeing issues will be cured.

Veera Raghava Temple Pooja Timings

Ushakkala Pooja (Sun Rise Pooja)-06:00 A.M

Kaalasandhi Pooja-07:00 A.M

Uchikkala Poojaa (Noon Pooja)-12:00 Noon

Saayaraksha Pooja (Sunset Pooja)-06:00 P.M

Ardhajama Pooja (Night Pooja)-08:00 P.M


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