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Venni Karumbeswarar Temple Puja


Venni Karumbeswarar Temple Puja.




Venni Karumbeswarar is a distinguished temple committed to Lord Shiva in Thiruvarur of Tamil Nadu. Here, mighty Shiva is worshipped in Venni Karumbeswarar form. There is a very interesting story behind the naming of temples. Two sages were once wandering the sugarcane fields and they discovered the presence of Shiva there. Sages indulged in an argument because one of them believed that the sugarcane tree is radiating Shiva vibes whereas the other retaliated that the Venni tree is sacred. It is why the temple is profound as Venni Karumbeswarar Temple hailing its origin from the Venni tree.


Benefits  of worshipping at Venni Karumbeswarar Temple


  • One can unravel a good number of benefits encompassing eradication of diabetes by seeking blessings from the famous Venni Karumbeswarar Temple. Bestowing prasad of Rava and sugar at this temple and later feeding it to ants help in seeking the utmost blessings of Lord Shiva. In India, this temple is the paradise for sugar patients as the spiritual energies of the place help in combating the detrimental impacts of diabetes.
  • Lead a healthy, happy and prosperous life by visiting the renowned Venni Karumbeswarar Temple. If you can't come to the temple then seek its pious blessing by registering for a puja here with


Temple opening times


The eminent temple remains accessible to the visitors from 08:00 AM to 12:00 PM. In the twilight, it remains open from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Some festivals including Navaratri, Vaisaki Visakam, Thai Pasam, Chitra Poornima are celebrated with great enthusiasm and grandeur in Venni Karumbeswarar Temple.


If you are also making your mind to worship at this famous temple but can't come here then, contact us and subscribe to Venni Karumbeswarar Temple pujas available at our end.



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