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Way to Liberation Moksa-Marga

Way to Liberation Moksa-Marga An Itinerary in Indian Philosophy 
by T. K. Sribhashyam  /   Alamelu Sheshadri    
ISBN(Hardbound):  812460598X, 9788124605981
ISBN (Paperback):  8124605998, 9788124605998
Price(Hardbound): 700.00 INR  
Price (Paperback): 400.00 INR 
Pages: xxii, 300
Language: English
Year of Pub.: 2011
Publication: Motilal Banarsidass

About Way to Liberation Moksa-Marga An Itinerary in Indian Philosophy:

The way to liberation or moksa needs perfect knowledge, perfect action and perfect surrender to the Lord. The bhakta becomes a bhagavata as he not only knows and sees but also lives as a servant of God. Moksa is the final approach to the purity and perfection of the human soul. This volume attempts an indepth study of the concept of liberation ot moksa and the way to attain it. The book brings with the meaning of love, devotion, religion, the body-soul relation and the three yogas, an understanding of which is essential to understand the concept of moksa. In this context, it delves into the meaning of the Brahma, the Absolute, as conveyed in the Vedas and other religious works like the Upanisads and the Bhagavad-Gita, the concept of the universal spiritual entity of Sarvesvara, concepts of sin and virtue, the even the principles of monotheism and polytheism in Hinduism. Quoting from the scriptures and other relevant texts, it emphasizes on the notion of devotion and its benefits to examine the means to self-realization and liberation and includes a study of the concept of contemplation and meditation technique and practices, which is central to the attainment of moksa. With interesting illustrations, the volume will be useful to religious scholars and students and seekers on the path of spiritual fulfillment. 

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