Yoga Narasimhar Temple Puja



Yoga Narasimhar Temple is a prominent temple in the Vellore of Tamil Nadu. The temple has three particular shrines committed to Lord Narasimha, Lord Bhaktavatsal Perumal, and Lord Hanuman. Yoga Narasimhar is established here in a refined yogic posture. His prominent statue faces the shrine of great Maruti or hanuman. Yoga Narasimhar is an imperative form of supreme God Vishnu. The architecture of the temple is ethereal and is stuffed with rich Dravidian architectural carvings.


Benefits of Yoga Narasimhar Temple Puja


Here are a few prominent advantages which one can ascertain after doing Yoga Narasimhar Temple Puja-


  • Yoga Narasimhar Temple Puja eradicates enemies and bolsters tranquillity and happiness.

  • Worshipping Yoga Narasimhar Temple blesses with financial goodness.

  • Yoga Narasimhar Temple Puja helps in eliminating wicked eye troubles and supports in getting rid of malicious forces.

  • Devotees are blessed with a successful and positive elixir of life.


All these benefits can be exclusively yours if you will indulge in the Yoga Narasimhar Temple puja session. Temple Folks helps you organize a full-fledged puja at Yoga Narasimhar Temple at your pace.


Temple Festival


Narasimhar Jayanti is celebrated with sheer grandeur and charisma at Yoga Narasimhar Temple. It is an important festival for Narasimha devotees. If you are an adorer of God Yoga Narasimhar, then we have a gleaming opportunity for you. You can get a puja done at the renowned Yoga Narasimhar Temple without actually visiting there. We at Temple Folks will take the onus of conducting puja for you with the temple's priest. Isn't it amazing then, without wasting much time, subscribe for this auspicious puja with us.


Temple Puja


Yoga Narasimhar Puja is the sole and the most promising puja conducted at the temple. This puja brings miraculous benefits to devotees' lives and grants them a solid will to combat life's catastrophes. Perform this puja at your convenience by registering for it with Temple Folks.


Temple Opening Time


The temple opens in the morning from 8:00 to evening at 9:00 PM. Are you ecstatic to perform puja in Yoga Narasimhar Temple Puja? If yes, then do contact us and get a subscription for pujas at this fantastic temple.




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