Ashtalakshmi Theertha Kalasam
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Ashtalakshmi Theertha Kalasam

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AshtaLakshmi Theertha Kalasam/ Kumba Kalasam :


AshtaLakshmi Theertha Kalasam/ Kumba Kalasam is a Small Vessel made up of brass. This Theertha Kalsam is used in all yagam, homam, pooja, house warming, marriage etc. 

On Theertha Kalasam, kudam is wound with colour thread and stored with mixed Holy water and Rose water and Theertha parimala powder are poured on it. On top mango leaves and coconut are placed. Now this is seen as holy as deity.

Pooja Theertha Kalasam / Kumba Kalasam  holy water get spiritually charged with chanting effect of mantras chanting. This charged holy water is then used for Ahishegam on moolavar, temple kalasam etc.


Product Code    :  ML0025
Weight             :  3kg
Metal               :  Brass

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