Crawling Krishna
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Crawling Krishna

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Crawling Krishna

About supreme Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna is a supreme avatar of mighty Lord Vishnu. He is the most revered and cherished godhead in Hindu cosmology. The mighty Lord is the god of love, affection and compassion. He brings waves of euphoria and happiness to his devotee’s life. The supreme divinity is known to be the most lovable and childish deity among all the godheads. Lord Krishna is known for his innocence and wisdom. He eradicates the enemy’s wrath and negativity from his worshipper’s life.

Significance of Crawling Krishna idol

Crawling Krishna symbolises the childhood phase of the supreme deity Krishna. In this aspect, he represents innocence and cuteness. Revering crawling Krishna and keeping his idol in the home or anywhere brings a calming and blissful aura.

Product Specification:
Dimensions: 6.5 Inch
Product Code:BLI1005

Benefits of Crawling Krishna idol:

Here are a few notable benefits of crawling Krishna figures-

  1. Crawling Krishna's idol brings the blessings of the commanding Lord Krishna.
  2. It enriches the devotee's life with prosperity and satisfaction.
  3. It brings immense peace and abundance to life.
  4. The beautiful crawling Krishna figure brings glories and neverending stability to life.
  5. The precious idol shatters all the negative energies and brings optimism to life.
  6. Cherish bliss and seamless melody with this beautiful idol.

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