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Navagraha Mala is of great implication. It contains the sacred energies of nine planets. Navagraha Mala mainly comprises nine stones that exemplify the planets of our solar system. It contains precious crystals which embody nine significant planets. The rosaries of Navagraha Mala range from planets encompassing Mars, Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Rahu, Ketu, Saturn And Mercury. Adorning navagraha mala takes away all the pains and dilemmas and grants an optimistic mindset. Navagraha Mala plays an integral role in our Vedic culture and practices. It encompasses immense importance in the astrological realm.


Benefits of Navagraha Mala


Navagraha Mala grants a multitude of benefits. Following are the vital advantages of wearing Navagraha Mala-


  • This mala helps in attaining the utmost consensus. One can gain sheer tranquillity and peace of sanity by continuous usage of Navagraha Mala.
  • Navagraha Mala bolsters equity and fortune. Gain prosperity and all monetary benefits by seeking the use of Navagraha Mala.
  • This pious mala bestows good mental, physical and spiritual health.
  • This mala is highly beneficial for those suffering from the malicious energies of nine planets or Navagraha.
  • The usage of Navagraha Mala can eliminate all the catastrophic astrological whacks and doshas.


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