Lord Devadevan Rudra Homam
Lord Siva, otherwise called Mahadev, Mahesh or Bholenath is otherwise called Devadevan symbolizing the God of Gods.

Why Devadevan Rudra Homam?
When you feel that your supplications to God are going futile and useless, when you set out for the Lordest of masters, Lord Devadevan will go to your shelter. Go to him and look for favors for your most-willed achievement of life or to conquer a distress that you never even thought you could be doing!

Benefits of Lord Devadevan Rudra Homam
1. You will achieve the choicest of favors from the mightiest all-powerful Lord Devadevan.
2. Devadevan Homa is helps to overcome a distress.
3. Lord Mahadev is considered to be the God of Gods who favors his devotees to achieve all their desires.

How to organize Lord Devadevan Rudra Homam ?

If you are inspired to experience the divine blessings and power of the Lord Devadevan Rudra Homam, We are here to assist you in organizing this sacred ritual.

Temple Folks / Vedic Folks is a reputed Vedic consulting company which helps to organize the homam with powerful mantras and fire rituals.  

Youtube Livestream shows are also offered for watching the homam from anywhere.

Connect with us:
If you need more assist about Booking and Procedure, Please use our Chatbox to quick connect with our Exclusive Devotee Service Team. They will guide you with proper response to get Connect with us.

Special Notes : All the Vedicfolks Homams will be conducted at Vedicfolks-owned Yagya Peedam and will be live-streamed via the Vedicfolks YouTube channel.

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