Energized Lakshmi Kubera Coin
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Energized Lakshmi Kubera Coin

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Energized Lakshmi Kubera Coin

Overcomes Fund Shortages, Attracts New Income Sources and Growth

The conferrer of wealth Goddess Maha Lakshmi and her humble treasurer Lord Kubera are embossed in this attractive coin. The energized coin ensures prosperity, draws new sources of income and avenues and also helps to increase flow of funds. It also grants the ability to accumulate wealth, career or professional growth, and also in business. Lakshmi Kubera yantra on the coin gives wealth, prosperity and good fortune which are mandatory for sustaining life. When the yantra mantra is uttered all desires are fulfilled and there’s no dearth of money, material comforts and a person is bestowed with other boons such as food, knowledge, success, valor, etc. Kubera’s treasury is always full and the lord never allows devotees to face any money crunches.

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