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Siva Shakthi Mala



Shiva Shakhti Mala is exclusively available at Temple Folks. The mala available at our place is composed of crystal beads and rudraksha beads. Both crystal beads and rudraksha components are of vital significance. Rudraksha is of great value as it represents the tears of Lord Shiva. Worshipping and chanting important mantras by integrating rudraksha mala can increase the benefits of puja to ample folds. You can get your hands on Shiva Shakhti Mala from Temple Folks product store in an acceptable price range. We cultivate authentic rudraksha beads and crystal components for formulating the mala.


Who can adorn Shiva Shakhti Mala?


There is no restriction on wearing Shiva Shakhti Mala in any way. An adorer of Shiva can wear this mala with utmost devotion. This mala is generally made for anyone wishing to seek the bliss of Lord Shiva.




  • Shiva Shakhti Mala creates an atmosphere of serenity and harmony for the wearer.
  • One can get close to mighty Lord Shiva by chanting mantras using this Shiva Shakhti Mala.
  • By wearing Shiva Shakhti Mala and meditating with it can bring in utmost peace and calmness in mind.
  • A person can be exempt from past failures and sins by continuously meditating using Shiva Shakhti Mala.
  • The beads of rudraksha in the mala represent the divine powers of Shiva. It protects the wearer from sinister forces and wrong actions.
  • Shiva Shakhti Mala enriches male’s masculinity and helps them to develop a positive relationship with their partner.
  • Wealth and health can be nurtured by wearing Shiva Shakhti Mala.


These benefits are way too excellent, and obtaining them can be a hassle-free chore just by purchasing this mala. Without developing any doubt, go for the purchase of Shiva Shakhti Mala and add more vitality to your worshipping and mediation sessions. 





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