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Sphatik Crystal Mala



Sphatik is an influential and extremely dominant stone. It is also renowned for calming the body and mindset. Sphatik derives its origin from Quartz glass. It is a wondrous stone loaded with considerable benefits. Sphatik is a fine alternative to diamonds. The beautiful stone is also closely connected with Venus’s planet. Sphatik Crystal Mala is widely popular as prayer or rosary bead mala. Chanting mantras using this mala can add more grace and vitality to the worshipper’s invocations.




Wearing sphatik mala or keeping it in close connection with the body imparts a good number of advantages. Following are a few prominent benefits of sphatik crystal mala-


  • One can effectively combat the negative implications of hypertension.
  • Spathik, the power stone, relaxes the jittery nerves and imparts sheer harmony to the wearer.
  • The healing forces of quartz stone strengthen the psychological instincts of the wearer and bestow reliable emotional stability.
  • Spathik mala initiates the overall healing of the human body. This mala is apt for those suffering from a multitude of disorders or illnesses.
  • Sphatik mala attracts positive vibes and scrapes off the negative energies.
  • Chanting using sphatik mala for wearing it regularly also helps in treating sleep disorders.  One can get rid of insomnia in the shortest span using this healing stone.
  • Sphatik mala boosts a sound physical body and caters immense strength and agility to a person.
  • Quartz glass is eminent for relaxing the tormented human mind. It is best for alleviating the effects of anxiety, stress, and depression.
  • Sphatik Mala works best for seeking agile rumination and tranquility.
  • Sphatik crystal elaborates energy, and wearing it radiates healing and purifying properties.


If you want to gain all these terrific benefits, all you need to do is buy this mala from our service end. Hurry up and get this mala exclusively from the Temple Folks store and absorb all the possible advantages.



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