Shani Yantra
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Shani Yantra

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Shani Yantra

About Shani Yantra:

A powerful yantra, the Shani Yantra brings fortune, happiness, and abundance into one's life. Saturn is a hostile planet with negative effects. All harmful influences are eliminated by the Shani yantra's powerful effects.

Significance of Shani Yantra

As it eliminates all of the disastrous effects of the Shani planet, the Shani Yantra is extremely effective and potent. This yantra gives life momentum and solidity. The yantra is effective at eliminating all negative factors and doshas.

Need of Shani Yantra:

The Shani Yantra eliminates all negative affects from life, making it the finest yantra for people going through a difficult time. For people whose horoscopes contain Shani Graha's negative impacts, the yantra is absolutely necessary. This yantra is for you if you are battling negativity and problems in your life.


Benefits of Shani Yantra:

The following are some of Shani Yantra's most prominent advantages:

  1. Shani Yantra makes life happy and prosperous.
  2. It eliminates all monetary and debt-related problems and fills life with happiness and calm.
  3. The Shani Yantra bestows tremendous success in all of life's major endeavours.
  4. With the strong aura of Shani Yantra, all of Saturn's harmful effects are kept at bay.
  5. The yantra bestows a wonderful future and enormous success in life.

How to use Shani Yantra?

Here are some recommendations for worshipping the Shani Yantra:

  1. Place the yatra with its face toward either the east or north on a clean or sacred yantra.
  2. Use rosewater or plain, clean water to periodically clean the yantra. The colour of the yantra may vary over time, but this is a normal occurrence and nothing to be concerned about.
  3. Apply four dots of sandalwood paste to the yantra's centre, four sides, and four corners.
  4. In front of the yantra, light a lamp and offer it prasad, flowers, and fruits.
  5. Chanting "Om Sanecharaya Namaha" can help you begin the yantra's worship. For the greatest benefits, be sure to say this mantra 108 times.

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