Sudarshana Yantra
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Sudarshana Yantra

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Sudarshana Yantra

About Sudarshana Yantra:

The Sudarshan Yantra is a potent disc or holy object that dispels all spells of evil and negative energy. The supreme Lord Vishnu's powerful weapon is the Sudarshan Chakra. The Sudarshan Chakra is extremely powerful, comparable to solar flares. The Sudarshan Yantra possesses all the powerful traits of the Sudarshan chakra. It establishes a steady equilibrium in life and dissuades any negative forces.

Need of Sudarshana Yantra:

The powerful Sudarshan yantra dispels all negative forces. The yantra is absolutely necessary to repel the negative aspects of all foes and evils. With the use of this potent yantra, all health crises related to the mind and spirit are avoided.

Significance of Sudarshana Yantra

All evil energies are crushed by the sacred flames and energy that the Sudarshan Yantra emanates. This yantra is much more potent since it bestows the blessings of the great Lord Vishnu, the universe's defender. The Sudarshan Yantra's representation of the virtuous forces of the Sudarshan Chakra, the great Lord Vishnu's sword, is one of its most important features.

Benefits of Sudarshana Yantra:

Here are a few notable Sudarshana Yantra windfalls:

  1. All dangerous forces and energies are kept at a safe distance by the Sudarshana Yantra.
  2. This yantra helps us combat all negative forces and overcome all hurdles.
  3. The yantra has great power to protect us from the bad and our foes.
  4. The yantra bestows Lord Vishnu's devout blessings on life.
  5. Additionally, it reduces mental tension and enhances life through spiritual awareness.


How to use Sudarshana Yantra?

Here are a few essential rules which one must follow during the worship of Sudarshana tantra

  1. On a clean and new altar, position the yantra towards either east or north.
  2. Never use filthy hands to touch the yantra or allow anybody else to touch it.
  3. Rosewater and milk are used to clean the yantra. Don't just wash the yantra with water.
  4. Place four dots on the yantra's four flanks using either kumkum or sandalwood paste to worship it.
  5. In front of the yantra, light an earthen lamp or an incense stick.
  6. Start the worship by chanting "Om Sudharshanaya Vidmahey Maha Jwalaya Dhi Mahi Tanno Chakra Prachodayat." Don't forget to repeat the mantra 108 times in order to receive the maximum advantages from it.

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