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Agasthiyar Munivar temple

Agasthiyar Munivar temple - Expect miracles to happen in life 
Agasthiyar Munivar temple is located in Agasthiyar falls in papanasam, Thirunelveli, Tamil is said that this great saint was initiated by Lord Shiva who in turn inducted kriya guru Babaji. He is responsible for discovering medicines like kaya kalpa, Tamil grammar and yoga. His disciples include Babaji, Thiruvalluvar, Macchamuni and Boganathar. Saint Agasthiyar Munivar is placed here. This is the place where Agasthiya Munivar had mediated, during the wedding of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati to balance the world on the south. Sage Agasthiya is also Known as Kurumuni. As per legacy, the celestial wedding of Lord Shiva and Godess Parvati took place on the northern side. Devotees take bath at the falls and worship this lord, believed that their sins will then be absolved. Devotees offer prayers with the combined blessing bestowed with enormous wealth, peace, harmony and never ending prosperity, eliminating all bad and evil effects and negativeness from planetary positioning, free from disease and bad bondage's.
Benefits of visiting in this temple
• Endless joy and happiness (Sukha aavirbhava)
• Plenty of wealth rises (Samriddhi)
• Get an assortment of endowments (Sarva Samvardhan)
• Get good health and positive vibrations
• Discharges abundant spiritual energy
• Removes diseases and curses from lives
• Removes sins and obstacles instantly
• Expect miracles to happen in life 
• A boon to farmers as it brings rains
Temple Opening Time
Morning 6.00 AM to 4.00 PM

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