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Agni Nakshatram

Agni Nakshatram - a Period of Dosha That Calls for Worship of the Ruler of Destiny

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Lord Surya The Ruler Of Destiny 

Chaya Suvarchalambal Sametha Surya Narayana Homam - Lord Surya

Of the nine planets that rule our destiny, the sun is the chief of them all. He is the prime figure that’s a major source of sustenance. Surya is known by many names. Since he represents Brahman, he is called Surya Narayana. Also because Lord Vishnu, who’s role in the Vedic pantheon is similar to that of the Sun, is said to have incarnated as Surya. He is also called Aditya, Savitr and Pusan, Bhaskara and Sahasra Kirana. Across the sky he rides on a chariot driven by seven horses each representing the seven colours of light. 

Lord Surya Narayana’s wife was Samjana who got so wary of him, unable to tolerate the severe heat, left him to live a life in the forest. But she left her shadow of herself called Chaya Suvarchalambal who acted as Surya’s wife in her absence.

Invoking Lord Surya & His Consort for Protection during the Period of Agni 

Chaya Suvarchalambal Sametha Surya Narayana Homam

The fury of the sun is the maximum in the month of May when it transits all four quarters of Krithika star. It also signifies the movement of the sun through the third and fourth quarter of Bharani star and first quarter of Rohini star. This period is called the Agni Nakshatra which is a dosha period lasting for 21 days. Money lent will not be returned, journeys will be unsuccessful and diseases will not be cured during this period. Therefore it is safe to worship the lord during this period and ask him to safeguard us against all misfortunes. 

The sun decides your destiny as it is the most powerful of all planets in Vedic astrology. It stays in each rashi for a month and takes twelve months to complete one full circle of twelve rasis. Since he is the guardian of the east, he blesses his devotees with affluence, good health and fame. He is the hot seat of power and implicates general vitality, kingship, will power, soul, authority, courage, fame etc. 

Chaya Suvarchalambal Sametha Surya Narayana Homam

Bails You Out Of Financial Crisis & Fulfills Dreams, Grants Power and Energy

Scheduled Live On May 4, 2018 @ 6 AM IST

Combined Homa to Lord Surya & Chaya Suvarchalambal Rescues You from Financial Snags

Vedicfolks is making preparations to organise a special ritual Chaya Suvarchalambal Sametha Surya Narayana Homam that rescues you from financial snags and downslides. The homa dedicated to Lord Surya ensures your happiness and drives away weakness. He pervades your intellect and instils power and energy. The homam dedicated to the Lord of Destiny and his consort makes sure you lead a prosperous life and materialise your dreams. In a way, this yagya dispels bad karma too.

Benefits of Chaya Suvarchalambal Sametha Surya Narayana Homam

Helps growth in career and service
Paves way for suitable situations
Awards affluence and pulls you out of financial crisis
Ensures happiness, power and energy
Materialises your dreams and wishes
Removes bad karma

Adding More Power Rituals & Products 

Agni Sukta Chanting 

Agni Sukta Chanting is the first hymn in the oldest of all Veda, the Rig Veda and is dedicated to the fire god, agni or surya. the lord is considered as a cosmic power that protects, guides and helps human beings strive towards perfection. the chanting bestows one with wealth, fame and good progeny.

Suryanar Temple Puja

Suryanar Temple in Kumbakonam is one of the navagraha temples dedicated to Lord Suryanarayana. All other planets of the Vedic astrology are also housed here. A Puja in this temple gives you good health, relief from skin ailments, good eyesight, strength and energy.

Energised sun yantra bestows leadership, success and power

The Sun Yantra bestows you with growth in career, mental strength and success. Just like its highly effective brilliance, your radiance spreads in all that you do especially when the Sun is exalted in your chart. Achieve power, success, leadership and vibrancy with Sun Yantra.

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