Chennakesava Perumal Temple Puja.




Chennakesava Perumal Temple is located in the heart of Chennai city of Tamil Nadu. The temple is dedicated to mighty lord Chennakesava Perumal who is also an incarnation of Maha Lord Vishnu. He is the major god worshipped in Chennai, which enhances this temple’s importance to whole new folds. The temple looks extraordinarily stunning and is also regarded as the face of Chennai city. It is by far the best place in India to seek the blessings of the deity Chennakesava Perumal.


If you desire to conduct an elaborative puja in this temple and you physically can't make it. Then, do not worry, as Temple Folks has got your back. Our team will enact the puja on your behalf with the temple's priest.  We will make sure that the blessings of Chennakesava Perumal along with prasad reach your place. Please hurry up and subscribe to this puja by registering with us and get all the benefits.


Specifications of Chennakesava Perumal Temple Puja.


Chennakesava Perumal is the patron lord of Chennai. He is a prominent manifestation of Lord Shiva, and worshipping him can bring joyous and prosperous virtues in a person’s life.


Following are few significant benefits that one can attain by worshipping

Chennakesava Perumal-


  • Chennakesava Perumal puja introduces positivity and completeness in the life of worshippers.
  • One can shatter the implications of negative vibes and attract joys in life by worshipping Chennakesava Perumal.
  • Chennakesava Perumal blesses worshippers with utmost fame and vitality.
  • Lord  Chennakesava Perumal worship reinforces courage and vigour in life.


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Chennakesava Perumal Temple Puja Timings


There are three pujas specifically performed at Chennakesava Perumal Temple-


Kaala Sandhi Puja is performed at 7:00 am

Uchi Kala Pooja is performed in the afternoon after 12:00 noon

Saayaraksha Puja is performed in the evening time from 6:00 pm


Our team has a speciality of conducting Chennakesava Perumal puja in all the mentioned time sets. You can contact us, and we will execute a puja based on these three-time frames. Remember that the blessings of Chennakesava Perumal are just one puja away from you. Get the pooja done with Temple Folks assistance and seek the auspicious blessings of Lord Chennakesava Perumal.



Special Note is not any temple agent. Our prime duty is to execute pujas with at temples on your behalf. The fees we charge includes shipping and transportation costs as we deliver the Prasada to you after conducting the puja. If you are an Indian resident, our team will just take seven days to provide your prasad. And if you are from outside India, we will deliver you prasad in 15 days. This puja weaves a good number of benefits for the worshippers. It is high when you should subscribe to Chennakesava Perumal Temple Pooja from our end and assimilate all the glorious benefits.


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