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Chintpurni Mata Temple Prasad,Una



Chintpurni Mata Temple


Chintpurni Mata Temple is one of the most glorious and enchanting temples in Himachal Pradesh. One of the most glorifying parts of Chintpurni Mata Temple is that it comes under the significant Shakti Peethas. Chintpurni Mata is one of the most significant incarnations of Goddess Durga. The temple radiates the positive energies of supreme Goddesses Parvati and Durga. Worshippers suffering from prolonged pain and anxiety must visit this temple and ascertain Goddess Chintpurni’s blessings. Mata Chintpurni amasses great motherly attributes; she can’t see her children suffering.  Her divine soul and energies absorb all the pain of devotees and guide them towards a happy and enlightened path. 


Important festivals at Chintpurni Mata Temple


Chintpurni Mata Temple is known widely for the grand celebrations of Navratri in the Shravan, Ashvin, and Chaitra month. Sankranti Purnima and Ashtami festivities also take place in the temple’s avenues with utmost zeal and fondness.


What will you receive?


Every year thousands of worshippers of Goddess Chintpurni visit the temple to seek pious blessings of Goddess. After the visit to the temple, devotees get the immense blessings of Mata Chintpurni. They also receive a unique photo and delicious prasad of the temple.  Devotees also get other accessories, including special prasad comprising butter, mishri, dry apple, and kharik. Worshippers also get special Chintpurni Mata chunri, moli and aam papad from the temple.


For attaining the pious blessings of Chintpurni Mata, it is not really necessary to visit the temple as we are here to assist you. Subscribe for Chintpurni Mata Temple puja from our end and receive the mighty blessings of Goddess Chintpurni.


Special note


We want to make clear that templefolks.com is not a temple agent. We perform puja on behalf of devotees with the temple’s head priest. The fees charged encompass government tax, transportation, and prasad expenses. Our team will deliver the prasad to Indian residents in 7 days and to out of India residents in only 15 days.




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