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Dakshinamoorthy Temple

Dakshinamoorrthy Temple Puja-  Relieve Health Effects, Gain Productivity, Financial Gains

Dakshinamoorthy temple is located in Govindavadi, Taminadu. The temple has a traditional South Indian style, with features of five-tier architecture, with delightful entrance 'Rajagopuram'. Lord Dakshinamurthy an aspect of Lord Shiva is the presiding deity for the Planet Jupiter. The planet Jupiter shifts from one Zodiac sign to the next once in a year and great influence on the welfare of the people. Another important aspect that devotees, whose marriage proposals face delay because of the influence of Rahu, Ketu or Angaragan are allowed to perform abhishekam to the Goddess Naga Kanni suited at the north west corner of the temple. Lord Dakshinamurthy generally has his above on the wall around the main Lord Shiva Shrine. But, this is temple at has Lord Dakshinamurthy as presiding deity faces south. The main entrance leads to Lord Guru Sannidhi which is five feet statue of Lord Dakshinamurthy actually situated in the outer wall of the Kailasnathar Sannidhi along side. Every Thursday is considered as a special occasion and devotees visit this temple in large numbers on the day. Devotees Guru Preethi puja will be performed to reduce the malefic effects of Jupiter.
  • Bless pleasures in life, relieve splits
  • Bless pleasures in life, relieve splits
  • Bless pleasures in life, relieve splits
  • Bestow peace and consciousness, remove lack of confidence
  • Prevent from disease, bestow joy and happiness
  • Remove sufferings and misfortunes, bless abundance of wealth and prosperity
  • Purify body and soul, remove toxic energy
Temple Puja
Guru Preethi Puja
Temple Opening Time
Morning : 7.00 AM to 12.00 PM
Evening : 4.000 PM to 8.00 PM

Temple Festival

Auspicious Festival Mahasivarathri in the month of February, Thirukarthigai in the month of November, kanda Sasti in the month of November, Jupiter transit days, Tamil New Year in the month of April are celebrated in this temple

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