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Ekadasa Rudra, Mrityunjaya and Dhanvantr

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Remedy to Cure & Overall Protection From Deadliest Virus to All Regions of the World

Ekadasa Rudra, Mrityunjaya and Dhanvantri Yagya

Scheduled Live On March 21, 2020 @ 3 PM IST


Coronavirus (CoV) is a Latin word "Corona" means "Crown" or "Wreath" is an infective form of virus which has the characteristic appearance of virions, infects all types of life forms from animals and plants to microorganisms. They are transferred from animals to mankind infecting respiratory symptoms through fever, cough, breathing difficulties, kidney failure and some cases reported death.

Today COVID-19 is an infectious disease a family of viruses includes SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome) and produces symptoms of pneumonia, out-breaking a bacteria which is reported as, killed 3,460 people, infected more than 100,000 people, around the globe.

How Should You Not Worry About Coronavirus and Cheer Good Health?

  • Think positively, improve overall well-being, Give Up day-dreaming
  • Boost Immune System to prevent the outbreaks, keep your environment clean
  • Fitness is the Mantra to protect from health disorders, be Hygienic
  • Have Instant Health Check-up, prevent from health sickening, illness,
  • Protect from getting sickness, give-up illusions, stop anywhere, anytime food habits
  • Boost Endurance, Give-up fear and alarmism
  • Protect from contracting infectious disease, follow systematic protection measures.
  • Give-up direct contact with infected individuals, contaminated surfaces and objects.

It is an High Alert Life Saving Call, a cluster of respiratory illness is originating around the world. Instantly, Vedicfolks is organizing Ekadasa Rudra, Dhanvantri, Mrityunjaya Homam for global welfare, to make disease-free life, saving the lives from the wide spread infectious disease, bless natives with good health, continued good faith prospects, peace and harmony.

Ekadasa Rudra Homam - Clears Sins of Past, Bless Morale and Prosperity

Ekadasa Rudra Homam is worshiping 11 forms of Lord Rudra (Lord Shiva) called "Shri Rudram" is a Vedic mantra an honor to Lord Rudra (an epithet of Lord Shiva) taken from the verses of Krishna Yajurveda's Taittiriya Samhita (TS 4.5, 4.7), comprising of two sections namely "Namakam and Chamakam" envisioning Lord Rudra in all creations, is one of the most powerful creations among all Vedic masterpiece. The verses of Namakam describes the sacred names of Lord Rudra, one who personifies a ferocious aspects of Lord Shiva. Performing Ekadasa Rudra Homam appeases Lord Shiva one who forgive the sins of past, bless moral best practice, disease free life, success in all endeavors, purity and prosperity.

Ekadasa Rudra Moola Mantra

||Om Rudra Rudraya Namaha||

Dhanvantri Homam - Build Self Image, Remove Ailments and Disorders

Lord Dhanvantri is "God of Medicine". God of Medicine symbolizes two tier doctrines. One being "Let Food Be Your Medicine", Second "Let Medicine Be Your Food". The former is "Knowledge" and latter is "Ignorance". The medicine is loved as an art, relates humankind, the "Love of Humanity". The doctrine envisage the path of spirituality to declare the past, diagnose the present, foretell the future, to enjoy good health, true happiness to the family, peace and harmony in our endeavors. Lord Dhanvantri is a true follower of "Ayurveda" medical practices, which is an ancient medical therapy. Dhanvantri Homam is performed to gain healthy life, wealth and prosperity. Dhanvantari Homam is done with sincere devotion is a powerful solution for any kind of a incurable ailments and diseases and lifetime health-related problems.

Lord Dhanvantri Moola Mantra

"Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaaya Dhanvantaraye Amrita-kalasha HastaayaSarva-amaya Vinashaaya Trailokya Naathaya Dhanvantri Maha-Vishnave Namaha.”

Mrityunjaya Homam - Bless Long and Stable Life, Cure Disease, Prevent Untimely Death

Mrityunjaya Homam is a religious offering performed to Lord Shiva who is the divine god to overcome untimely death in life. This Homam is accurately to remove from bondages of premature deaths in an more outstanding manner, negate all evil-minded calamities, remove fears, bestow long life, good health and prosperity. Performing Mrityunjaya Homam gives several benefits in Life for a native. Mrityunjaya Homam also invokes the triple power invoking from three cosmic aspects of Lord Shiva to lead a blissful life and free you from strong emotions and reality of death to restore happiness.

Mrityunjaya Mantra is also named as "Tryambakam Mantra" is a verse of Rigveda, addressed to the "Three-eyed Lord Shiva" expressing the quality or attributes of Lord Rudra, which is nothing but "Fierce" and the verses are recurring in "Yajurveda", as well.

Mrityunjaya Moola Mantra

o? tryambaka? yaj?mahe sugandhi? pu??i-vardhanam
urv?rukam iva bandhan?n m?tyor muk??ya m? 'm?t?t


  • Protect from Sins of Past, Bless Morale, restore good health and happiness
  • Bless calmness in life, negate fear of death and harmful disease
  • Invoke Peace, nullify malefic effects, Birth Chart Doshas
  • Fulfill life desire, remove haziness and obscurity of health complications
  • Bless nourishment, joyful well-being, clear physical and mental incapability's.
  • Overcome Hurdles, Obstacles, Bless delightful health, abundance in life

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