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Everyman's Book of Hindu Religion

Everyman's Book of Hindu Religion and Mythology  
by Abbe J. A. Dubois        
ISBN (Paperback):  8183822886, 9788183822886
Price (Paperback): 250.00 INR
Pages: 318
Language: English
Year of Pub.: 2012

About Everyman's Book of Hindu Religion and Mythology:

Penned in the latter part of the 18th century by a French Christian missionary, who left his country to escape from the disturbances of the French Revolution, and lived in India for over three decades, the 800-page volume of his major work, Hindu Manners, Customs and Ceremonies, holds a most significant place in Indian studies, owing to his more laborious method of personal enquiry which he carried on for years after years, as also constantly correcting and adding new materials to it. In the words of F. Max Muller he really belongs to a period previous to the revival of Sanskrit studies in India.


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