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Glimpses into the Ethos of Hinduism

Glimpses into the Ethos of Hinduism Bhavan's Book University 
by S. T. V. Raghavan        
Price(Paperback): 100.00 INR
Pages: 110
Language: English
Year of Pub.: 2011 

About Glimpses into the Ethos of Hinduism Bhavan's Book University:

Hinduism which originated in this land as Sanatana Dharma nearly 4000 years ago in the Vedic period has always been a comprehensive socio-religious culture of the people. Its followers worship God in any of His many forms and names. Its emphasis has been on performance of duties according to one's station in life and natural endowments thereby promoting peace and harmony among the people and their prosperity. Its sacred texts which have come down from ancient times are still being taught to brahmin youth and recited during temple rituals and religious ceremonies. These enduring features of Hinduism are discussed in sixteen concise narratives in this book. 
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