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Jogulamba Devi Homam

Vedicfolks Signature Ritual of 2018: Sakthi Peetha Series of Homam with Bhairava Puja

Jogulamba Devi Homam

It’s Boom Time for Your Home,  Protection From Malevolence & Gain Material Lavishness


Scheduled Live on November 12, 2018 @ 6PM



Labh Panchami - A Day of Immeasurable Profits Both Personally & Professionally

Labh Panchami as the day suggests is a day of profits and falls on the fifth day of Diwali on the panchami thithi of the waxing noon. It’s also called Saubhagya Labh Panchami where good luck and material benefits co-exist and is said to be highly auspicious. A ritual performed on the day brings comforts, fortune and great prosperity in business and personal life of the worshipper.


Vedicfolks will invoke Jogulamba Devi of Alampur, one of the 18 Shakti Peetha, also called the Dakshin Kashi.


Jogulamba Devi – The Gruha Chandi or Protector of Homes

Alampur is a serene village in the south of India, Telengana State which houses the temple of powerful Goddess Jogulamba. The shrine is a Shakti Peetha where the upper row of teeth of Goddess Sati (Parvathi) fell. The goddess manifests here along with her consort Balabrahmeshwara, seated on the corpse of creatures that are symbols of destruction — scorpion, frog, lizard, bats etc. She grants siddhis in yoga and hence the name Yogula Amma, the Mother of Yogis or Jogulamba.


Devi Jogulamba is widely known as Gruha Chandi because she protects your home from destruction and disintegration and safe guards it from all kinds of evil. Her iconography depicts her having voluminous tresses with lizard, scorpion, bat and human skull in it. These creatures symbolise inauspiciousness and therefore the goddess has the power to overcome negativity and bestow the people with prosperity and growth in life. 


Why Invoking Jogulamba on Labh Panchami Is Significant

Jogulamba Devi is a supreme power, a Shakti who has been listed under the 18 powerful Shakti Peethas of India. She is Adi Shakti in her truest form which means she also has the powers of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi. Invoking her on Labh Panchami is equal to worshipping the three famous feminine energies of Vedic pantheon.   


Invite Lavishness & Prohibit Scarcity of Material Comforts with Jogulamba Homa

The Jogulamba Devi ritual on Labh Panchami is very suitable as it reveres the supreme power Adi Shakti as a primary source that transforms to three divine feminine forms Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi. The goddess is also called Gruha Chandi and removes all obstacles that prevent a house from booming. She therefore grants lavishness and removes all forms of negativity that surround the house. She instils positive thinking in the individual, grants great management skills and ensures good health to all.


What You Gain From Jogalambal Homa on Labh Panchami

  • Overcome negativity and invite lavishness into your house.
  • A Homa to Goddess Jogalambal bestows you with positive thinking and good acumen.
  • It also grants management skills that are so vital to be a good leader in society.
  • The ritual ensures that you and your loved one live a disease-free life and keeps you in good health.


Other Choosen Power Rituals For Jogulamba Devi on Labh Panchami


Vani Puja - Confers Knowledge & Reasoning Powers

Goddess Vani or Saraswathi is worshipped for her endowments of education, art culture and music. She transcends the power of speech and eloquence. Dressed in spotless white, the goddess symbolises purest form of knowledge, reality, enlightenment and reality. She also represents prosperity and riches, grants reasoning powers to the devotee. A Puja to Goddess Saraswathi can go a long way in receiving plenty of blessings from the powerful goddess.


Swarnalakshmi Puja - Waives Off Debt, Promises Wealthy Life

Swarnalakshmi is the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and represents gold. The goddess bestows her people with happy and wealthy life. A Puja to Swarnalakshmi gives success in financial strategies, financial status and waives off debts and heavy loan burdens. Gold is also a symbol of purity, divinity and sacredness which embodies the goddess herself. A Puja to Goddess Swarnalakshmi also removes miseries, gives boons, terrorises the wicked and confers siddhi and buddhi.


Kalabhairava Puja – Manage Time Efficiently With Kalabhairava Puja

This magnificent form is a manifestation of Lord Shiva who oversees the march of time. He is the master of time so he makes a person punctual and helps in managing time in an efficient manner. A puja to Kalabhairava provides you with exceptional time management skills, wins over foes, helps you achieve in life in a big way and also gives material solaces. All troubles of negative forces can be eliminated with this puja.


Lord Hanuman Puja - Gives Success in All Important Tasks, Blesses With Valour

Lord Hanuman also known as Anjaneya, Kesari, Nandi, Maharudra, Bajrang Bali, Maruti, etc is said to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva. He is known for his boundless quality of immense power, great exploits, strength, devotion and perseverance. He stands tall and mighty and he’s the most popular deity of the Hindu pantheon. A puja to this mighty lord cures all diseases, grants valour, protection from evil, enemies and dark enchantment. He rules over Saturn and can nullify its bad effects. The puja can bring success in all your important tasks and give you tremendous physical and mental strength. Just like the Bhairava Puja, a puja to Lord Hanuman is mandatory as part of the Vedicfolks’ Sakthi Peetha Series of Homam.

Chottanikara Temple Puja - Grants Blessings of Three Feminine Forces

This is one temple in south of India where the three feminine energies manifest as one – Saraswathi in the morning, Lakshmi in the afternoon and Durga in the evening. A devotee is bestowed with all virtues by doing puja in this very powerful temple. A Puja in this historic temple grants vak siddhi, immense intellect, material comforts, wisdom and courage. The speciality of this temple is also that it cures people of mental illness and diseases.


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