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Karma Clearing Package

Clear All Your Karma in Every Stage To Live Life Peacefully

Karma Cleansing Package

Just release the Karmic pressures that’s holding you back

Certain acts committed by your ancestors may have a bad reflection in your life. It may slow your progress and you may not even know the reason why it’s happening to you. Negative Karma is actually an accumulation of imbalances gained through many life cycles. These mishaps or imbalances create more karma, limit your ability to express, cause immense suffering. We actually need to cleanse karma at every stage of our life. Ancestors fulfill their desires through succeeding generations and it’s their duty to fulfil the wishes of their predecessors. If they fail to do so, karma acts in a negative manner causing tribulations and disparities in their life. Karma is also passed down from one generation to other. As your forefathers live within us through our DNA they can easily influence our lives. Vedicfolks’ Karma Cleansing Package helps you to clear away these influences so that your life is full of peace and harmony. 

Karma Removal Reading

Karma Cleansing Package - Karma Removal Reading Our Vedic astrologers will know from your birth chart what problems are nagging you. They will read your chart and assist in choosing definitive methods

Ishta Devata Homam
Karma Cleansing Package - Ishta Devata HomamThis service is based on your Ista devata analysis from Prediction Service of Career Path Management Report. Everyone should know their Ishta Devata and must do the worship of Ishta Devata to get rid of karmic cycles and attain Moksha. Our astrologers help you predict your Ista Devata by studying your birth chart and the presiding deities for each planet as per your horoscope. 

Worshipping of Ista Devata and performing Ista Devata Homam not only ensures well guided and protected life, but also helps you attain liberation and come out of endless cycles of life and death.

Dharma Devata Homam

Karma Cleansing Package - Dharma Devata HomamThis Homam is dedicated to Dharma Devata - the Goddess responsible for protecting Dharma. Dharma signifies behaviour and includes rights, duties, laws & right way of living. According to Mahabharata, Goddess Dharma Devata protected Karna from death and resisted all arrows sent by Arjuna. Lord Krishna said to King Arjuna that Goddess Dharma Devata was protecting him from death because of the huge rewards Karna earned by giving charity and it was impossible even for Lord Shiva to kill Him. So, Lord Krishna appeared as a poor Brahmin and asked his punya (good deeds) as charity. Karna gave his punya as charity to the Brahmin and in return as a reward witnessed Krishna’s Vishwaroopa. After, Karna gave away his entire punya to Lord Krishna, Goddess Dharma Devata disappeared. By performing this Homam, Goddess Dharma Devata protects you from enemies, evil forces, premature death and guides you to live a right way of life. And also, it will help to attain Moksha.

Palana Devata Homam

Karma Cleansing Package - Palana Devata HomamThe Palana Devata refers to the 10 dikplalas(8 dikplalas + Brahma and Vishnu) who rule the various directions of the universe and are responsible for karma. The fruits of the Dikpala are distributed by their wives called Dikvadhu. These fruits help the native in his sustenance. The Palana Devatas are ruled by the ever powerful Mahavidya that decide all fruits of this world. In one’s birth chart, the amatyakaraka guides the destiny of a person towards attainment of wishes of the soul or atma and it signifies the mind. So, the Palana Devata, who is the protector of the soul, is seen sixth from the Amatyakaraka.

Guru Devata Homam 

Karma Cleansing Package - Guru Devata Homam Guru is a planet in the solar system that signifies knowledge and wisdom. It is believed that guru helps to achieve goals in life by removing all types of obstacles. According to Vedic astrologers, Guru also known as Jupiter enhances a person to reach high levels in academic studies. In fact, it gives ways for improving the learning abilities to attain high positions in life. Jupiter homam brings major benefits to a person by addressing exact needs. Anyone who performs this homa can witness miraculous changes and achieve desired outcomes. The ritual removes obstacles in life to make sure you succeed in all endeavors. It plays a key role in getting peace of mind from various problems in life. It helps to become a scholar in life by enriching knowledge of a person.

Six mukhi Rudraksha 

Karma Cleansing Package - Six mukhi Rudraksha It is ruled by Lord Kartikeya, son of Gods Shiva and Parvati. Lord Kartikeya is a warrior god and those wearing this rudraksha will be brave and get his blessings. It grants career luck and helps achieve incredible professional success. It fulfills desires and enables a person to achieve good deeds in life. It is ruled by Planet Venus. It also controls emotions like excitement, anger, annoyance and cures mental diseases. It improves artistic skills, makes you a good speaker or communicative expert. The Rudraksha negates the malefic effects of Planet Venus.

Free Energised Products with this Combo

Ishta Devata Yantra

Now that we know from your chart who your Ishta Devata is, we energise the deity’s yantra for you. The energised yantra keeps off obstacles and spreads positive vibrations around you. It eradicates negativity and brings luck to you. 

Japa Mala

It is used for repetitive chanting of mantras or names of deities and acts as a meditation aid. It keeps the mind focussed and one can easily keep count of the number of mantras chanted depending on the number of beads. 


It is the most sacred stone to worship Lord Vishnu. Keeping this Energised Saligramam at your home and doing pujas will increase your merits in all matters and removes your unwanted fears in life.

Ishta Devata Energised Idol 

The energised Ishta Devata idol brings fortune to your door. Keep it in your home or office space and transform your life positively.

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