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Meditation on Siva-Sakti

Meditation on Siva-Sakti 
Book of Daily Prayer for All, Prayer for Protection, Prosperity, Peace and Perfection 
by Srikrishna Das  
ISBN (Paperback): 8170761002, 9788170761002
Price (Paperback): 100.00 INR 
Pages: xiv + 159
Language: Sanskrit & English
Year of Pub.: 1998
Publication: Motilal Banarsidass

About Meditation on Siva-Sakti:

SAIVISM (Siva-Sakti cult) is the religion of yore dating back to prehistoric times of Indian civilisation. It is glorified in all Hindu scriptures, Vedas, Upanisads, Puranas. Agamas and the like, which constitute some of the oldest documents of Indian religion. Taking this theme, the author has written 130 paragraphs of glory and adoration of Siva and 30 paragraphs of devotional prayer. These are original, elevating, thoughtful and written in English with Hindi version. Adoration of Sakti is quoted from celebrated ancient texts. These remind man of his unseverable link with divine Father-mother, whose dynamic energy enlightens and motivates human brain centre. Prayer gives right understanding, leading to right action, resulting in material, mental and spiritual benefits and guarding against pitfalls in life. 

To this is added some selected verses of laudation and prayer from sacred scriptures and the excellences in master pieces of a few famous and momentous stotras (devotional poems) from well-known devotee-poets, with their English and Hindi versions, which is a unique feature of the book. 

All this makes it a daily prayer book for all, for attaining peace, prosperity, protection and perfection. The foreword is contributed by the famous writer and philosopher, late Shri M.P. Pandit, the then President of the Mother's Service Society and Vice-President of the World Union International.
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