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Moovar Temple Puja

Moovar Temple Puja.


Moovar is a famous South Indian temple in Palanganatham of Madurai. The temple is home to three major Hindu godheads- Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and mighty Lord Brahma. The temple is embodied with a three-tier structure and graceful architectural precision. There are various other godheads in the temple, including Lord Aiyappa, Lord Nandeeswara, Lord Venkatachalapathi, Lord Bala Muruga, Lord Dakshinamurthy. Moovar Temple Puja is one of the most beautiful and celebrated Hindu Temples.


Temple Timings


The temple remains open in the morning from 05:30 to 10:30 PM, and in the evening, it remains accessible from 5:30 to 8;30 PM.


Temple Festival


Mahashivratri, Vaisakhi, Thiruvadhirai are celebrated in the temple with great joy and happiness. The pujas and abhishekas of these festivals take place with utmost grandeur in the temple.


Temple Puja


Uchi Kalam Puja and Kala Shanti pooja are celebrated with profound grace in Moovar Temple Puja. The former puja happens at noon and the latter one at 7:30 AM.


If you want to organize any of the above pujas, then contact We will execute a puja on your part with the temple’s priest.


Benefits of Moovar Temple Puja.


  • Moovar Temple Puja creates harmony and wellness in the family.
  • It helps in bolstering knowledge, capacity and fame.
  • One can experience great peace, tranquillity and calmness in life by participating in Moovar Temple Puja.
  • Moreover, Temple Puja facilitates healthy and active childhood and bestows a boon of good parenting time.


Seek all these benefits by arranging the Moovar Temple Puja with us. Subscribe for it, and we will administer the puja on your behalf in the temple.



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