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Revelation from Naadi Jyotisha

Revelation from Naadi Jyotisha
by Satyanarayana Naik
Price(Paperback):575.00 INR
Language: English

About Revelation from Naadi Jyotisha:

The present research work on the Naadi is unique in its presentation and it has many hitherto untold secrets of astronomy relating to astrology. Many astronomical mechanisms are set in astrological aphorisms to delineate material and metaphysical aspects of life. In this work the author has established every rule with practical examples enabling to grasp logic in application. Apart from giving detailed method to study the horoscope, many remedial measures are given to overcome inimical effects of planets. This book is divided into many sections catering the needs of novice to expert in the field of astrology. In the 2nd part of the book the author introduced the team efforts in the field of classical works and rare remedial measures. This book is a treasure of knowledge and worth a prime place in personal library.


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