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Sivalokanathar Temple Puja

Sivalokanathar Temple Puja-Bless Peace and Harmony, remove depression, hardship

Sivalokanathar Temple is an ancient temple located in Thirumundeeswaram, Villupuram, Tamilnadu. The temple is one amonng 275 Shiva Sthalams. The temple is one of the Devara Padal Petre Sthalam. Presiding deity of the temple is Lord Mundeeswarar, Lord Sivaloka Nathar and the Goddess Kaanaarkuzhali, Goddess Soundara Nayaki. Lord Dakshinamurthy is seated on his Rishaba Bull Vehicle on a hill instead of under the Kallala tree. The beautiful Raja gopuram facing East direction. Lord Muruga and Lord Vinayaka have changed positions at the entrance. Lord Muruga left hand shows the Naarasa Mudra. The temple is Somaskanda design as the shrine of Lord Muruga is in between those of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Appar composed the pathigam, one of the temples glorified by the Thiruthandaga Thiruppathigam by Thirunavukkarasar. Sthala Vriksham of the temple is Vanni. Theertham of the temple is Mundaka Theertham. A King Chokkalingam by name came here in Dwapara Yuga for hunting and found a strange lotus flower in a tank. The King shot an arrow on the flower and the tank became red. The king then realized it was a Shivalinga and immediately built a temple on the bank of the tank. Based on this, the name of the place, as in the scriptures in Mouli Gramam Mouli meaning Head or Crown. The Lingam still has a scar on its head. It is also said that the Lord Presented King Veerapandiyan a Pokkalam bag of sacred ash and hence is known as Pokkalam Kodutha Nayanar. Dwarapalakas of Lord Shiva are Thindi and Mundi and the place where Tindi Worshipped Lord Shiva is called Thindeeswaram and the place where Mundi Worshipped the Lord is called Mundeeeswaram.




Remove hostility, ill-treatment, bless well-being

Bless Mental and Physical balance, remove instability, cure disease

Bless Joy and Happiness, remove adverse effects and evil spirits

Bless Peace and Harmony, remove depression, hardship

Remove inflictions, oppression, bless blissfulness, wealth and prosperity


Temple Opening Time


Morning:6.00 AM to 12.00 Noon

Evening:5.00 PM to 8.30 PM


Temple Puja


Kala Santi Puja

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Temple Festival

Auspicious Vaikasi Soma Yaga in the  month of(May-June), Navratri, Maha Shivratri in the month of(February-March) are the festival celebrated in this temple.

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