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Songs of Sri Narahari Chakravarti

Songs of Sri Narahari Chakravarti Thakura  
by Purnaprajna Dasa  /   Kusakratha Dasa    
ISBN (Paperback): 818403024X, 9788184030242
Price (Paperback): 100.00 INR
Pages: 71
Language: English
Year of Pub.: 2014
Publication: Motilal Banarsidass

About Songs of Sri Narahari Chakravarti Thakura:

Overcome by tasting the nectar of His previous pastimes as Lord Krsna, Lord Gaura dances. His glistening limbs, limbs that break the golden mountain's pride, charm kamadeva's heart.
The splendor of His gently, gently smiling face destroys the blinding darkness of a host of horrible sins. His rhythmically dancing footsteps make the earth tremble. The earth has no power to hold him up. 

The new red lotus flowers of His eyes always overflow with tears of ecstatic spiritual love. The hairs of His body stand erect. Eclipsing the lions' prowess, He roars. Frightened, the powerful age of Kali flees. 

Gracefully playing khola and karatalas, His dear companions sign. Their tumultuous music breaks the sky. Now all the worlds are wild with ecstatic spiritual love. Narahari says: Now Lord Gaura's splendid pure glories fill all the worlds. 

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