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Sudharshana Kavacha Santhana Gopala Homa

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Sudharshana Kavacha Santhana Gopala Homam - Ultimate Family Ritual:

Live Webcast on Feb 29th Monday 2016 @ 6.00PM - 11.00 PM IST (5 Hour Ritual)

Vedicfolks invites you to participate in Sudharshana Kavacha Santhana Gopala Homam on the special occasion of Yashoda Jayanti (The birth anniversary of Maa Yashoda, mother of Lord Krishna). This Ritual is recommended to your whole family as Sudarshana Kavacha will give complete family protection from all negative and evil forces and Santhana gopala homam will ensure good progeny/ child boons. 

Program Agenda :

1.Sri Sudarsana Kavaca and Santhana gopala Manthra Japa with Karanyasam , Hrudhayadhi nyasam , Dhyanam , Viniyogam
2.Santhana gopala and Sudarsana AshTottharam starting with (Pranavam) Sudarsanaya nama: and concluding with (PraNavm) Narayanakrupavyuha tejas-chakraya nama
3.Sri Sudarsana Kavaca Homa Maha Sankalpam
4.Santhana gopala Homam Maha Sankalpam
5.Kumba AavAhanam: In that Kumbam , Varunan , Lakshmi Narayanan, Sudarsan are invoked and Shodasopachara Aaradhanam is performed
6.Homam with the following Manthrams: Sri Sudarsana Shadakshari (108 times) with ahuthi, Sri Sudarsana Gaayathri, Sri Sudarsana Maala Mantra, Sri Narashimha mantra, SrI Narasimha Gayathri, SrI VishNu Gaayathri, Sri Santhana gopala homam, Sri Paanchajanya Gayathri, Sri Suktha Homam, Poornahuthi and Namaskaram process

About Sudharshana Kavacham:

Sudarshana Kavacha protects one's family by destroying troubles and gives wealth and Prosperity. Sudarshana Kavacha Homam protects you from black magic, evil eye and all other negativities in life.

Sudarshana Kavaca Weapons
: The sixteen weapons of Sri Sudarsana azhwar are: (1) Chakram (2) Axe - Parasu (3) Spear - kunta (4) Stick - Dhandam (5) angusam - goad (6) Sathamukhaagni - hundred edged weapon emitting Agni (7) Sword - Nistrimsa (8) Sakthi - vel (9) Conch - Paanchajanyam (10) Bow- Saarangam (11) Noose - paasam (12) Plough - Seera (13) Vajra ayudham - Thunderbolt (14) Mace - Ghathai (15) Pestle - Musalam (16) Trident - Soolam

Significance of Sudarshana Kavacha :

1. Sudarshana Kavaca Homa destroys sins from past births

2. Removes all ignorance and darkness

3.Gives Health, Wealth & Prosperity

4.Protects from Black magic and evil effects


About Santhana Gopala Homam:

Santhana Gopala homam is performed for conceiving child and safe delivery of child. Pregnancy problems in women are caused by various factors which lead to risks. It is believed that offering prayers and Puja to Lord Santana Gopala the infant form of Sri Krishn helps to ensure safe delivery of a child. Santana Gopala homam is a suitable one for giving birth to a child by averting miscarriages and other risks. It also helps for getting talented children to reach high levels in their life.

Significance of Santhana Gopala homam: 

1. Gives child boon and safe delivery of child
2. It controls complications in pregnancy
3. Give a birth to child in a healthy condition.
4.Removes the negative effects to overcome pregnancy problems.
5.Improving the talents of children in an effective manner


Freebies :

1. Sudarshana Yantra
2. Santhana Gopala Poster ( Laddu Krishna Poster )
3. Homam Prasadam from Yagya Centre

Booking also available in Vedicfolks.com

Participate Now & Watch your Homam on LIVE VF TV after booking your Schedule:  


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