VadaAranyeswarar Temple Pooja

Vadaranyeswarar Temple Puja




Vadaranyeswarar is a prominent Hindu temple. The temple is devoted to mighty Lord Shiva. Parihara pooja is the most renowned puja at Vadaranyeswarar Temple. Mandhi, son of Saneeswaran, who is prominent as Lord of Saturdays, is worshipped here. Doing parihara pooja at Vadaranyeswarar Temple, one can procure loads of positivity, prosperity, and delight in the life of worshippers.


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Significance of Vadaranyeswarar Temple Puja


Following are the boons one can seek after doing puja in Vadaranyeswarar Temple-


  • The puja at Vadaranyeswarar Temple helps people with Bharani Nakshatra to curb off negative impacts in life.
  • Asthma sani and Ardhashtama effects can also be combated by worshipping at Vadaranyeswarar Temple.
  • Worshippers can prevent Marriage hurdles by honouring Lord Vadaranyeswarar. The positive energy of the temple also blesses childless couples with the bliss of children.
  • One can boost financial independence and holistic development.


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Temple Timings: 


The prominent Vadaranyeswarar Temple has flexible timings. It is accessible from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM  for devotees.


Pooja timings:


There are six significant timelines when puja is performed in Vadaranyeswarar Temple-


  • Vishwaroopa Darshan takes place from 6 AM.
  • One can seek the bliss of Kala Sandhi Puja from 7:30 AM.
  • Uchchikala puja happens at 10:30 AM.
  • Sayaratachai puja occurs at 4;30 OM.
  • Aradhana puja is performed from 7;30 PM.
  • Palliyarai puja starts at 8:00 PM.


You can perform any of the above pujas at Vadaranyeswarar Temple at the pace of your home. Yes, you read that right. For that, all you need to do is to subscribe to Vadaranyeswarar Temple puja from our service stretch.


Temple Address:


Sri Vandakuzhali Vadaranyeswarar Temple, Tiruvalangadu- 609810



Special Note:


We want to specify that does not work as a temple agent. Our paramount duty is to conduct puja on your behalf with the temple's priest. The fees we charge include costs for buying prasad, shipping expenses, and government tax charges. After puja, we deliver prasad to devotees at their homes. For Indian residents, it takes 7 days, and for Non-Indian ones, it takes 15 days to provide prasad.



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