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Vedic Culture

Vedic Culture 
The Difference it can Make In Your Life
by Stephen Knapp.        
ISBN(Hardbound):  8189320149
Price(Hardbound): 795.00 INR 
Pages: xxxvi, 358
Language: English
Year of Pub.: 2006

About Vedic Culture The Difference it can Make In Your Life:

The Vedic tradition of India is rooted in Sanatana Dharma, the eternal and universal truths that are beneficial to everyone. It includes many avenues of self-development that an increasing number of people from the West are starting to investigate and use, including: Yoga Meditation and spiritual practice Vedic astrology Ayurveda Vedic gemology Vastu or home arrangement Environmental awareness Vegetarianism Social cooperation Global peace And much more Vedic Culture shows the advantages of the Vedic paths of improvement and self-discovery that you can use in your own life to attain personal awareness, happiness, and fulfillment. It also provides a new view of what these avenues have to offer from some of the most prominent writers on Vedic culture in the West, who discovered how it has affected and benefited their own lives.For the benefit of individuals and for social progress, the Vedic system is as relevant today as it was in ancient times. Discover why there is a growing renaissance in what the Vedic tradition has to offer in Vedic Culture.


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